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Monday August 8, 2011 *Monica Call's Sam About Jason In Hospital*

Jax is about to leave Carly's house with Josslyn when Shawn blocks his path. Shawn refuses to let Jax leave, but Jax is not afraid. Who is going to stop him? Shawn subtly shows Jax the gun in his belt and reminds Jax that this is illegal. Jax sneers that people like Shawn always resort to violence as thunder booms. Shawn gets a flashback to a young boy screaming and freezes as Jax takes advantage of this opportunity and runs out. Shawn finally unfreezes and chases after Jax. He leaves a bag on the ground, which holds Josslyn's stuffed dog, Rufus.

Elizabeth wakes up still strapped to her seat in her car. She looks over and sees two wrecked cars and an empty passenger seat. Where is Siobhan? Elizabeth crawls out of her car and over to the next one where she sees Jason slumped against the steering wheel. She struggles to free him and then sees Carly bleeding few feet away. Elizabeth revives Carly, who grabs her arm and whispers Josslyn's name. As Elizabeth goes to look for Siobhan, Carly stumbles over to Jason and tries to wake him up. They need to save Josslyn!

Maxie arrives at Crimson with Spinelli. She orders him to sit while she takes care of something at work. Lulu arrives, looking for Lucky (because she suspects Maxie slipped him some drugs again, but Maxie insists she did not), but Maxie hands her some files. She knows Lulu doesn't work there anymore, but could she help out? Spinelli is thrilled to see Lulu. He calls her Moonlight as Lulu tries to understand why Spinelli is acting like the Jackal. Spinelli remembers Lulu's birthday and pulls out a small cake out of his pocket. Touched Lulu is happy that someone remembered. As Lulu tries to leave the lights flicker and turn off. Oops, a blackout!

At the hospital Monica watches Robin assigned yet another routine surgery to Patrick. She advises Robin not to take her family for granted. Matt arrives to complain to Patrick about his ruined plans with Maxie and how he offered to have a psychiatrist take a look at Spinelli. Robin takes Monica's advice to heart and orders Patrick to meet her at home where he finds a home arranged spa evening. Robin rips off Patrick's shirt and they make love. Afterwards, Robin proposes they make time for themselves more often. Patrick grins; he loves that idea! Later Patrick gets paged by the hospital and leaves. Robin would go with him, but realizes that Emma is asleep and there is no one to watch her. Patrick assures Robin that the hospital can survive without her for one night.

Dante arrives at the crash site where Elizabeth quickly updates him on everyone's condition. She is frantic to find Lucky, but Dante tells her she needs to get checked out first. Carly, Jason and Siobhan are rushed to the hospital where Carly tells Dante that he needs to ask his mother to come to the hospital. When Olivia arrives, Carly tells her that Jax is back! Monica is shocked to see Jason and goes to call Sam, who is at home looking at the calendar date that her lug nut chose for her wedding to Jason.

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