Thursday August 11, 2011 *Procedure For Jason*

At the hospital Sam remains unsure about operating on Jason while Monica is all for the risky procedure. Monica is sensitive to Sam's feelings and reaches out to her. Matt and Patrick argue in front of Jason's family and consult Robin via video call. Robin is about to agree with Matt (RE: postponing the surgery), but when Patrick says it's Jason, Robin sides with her husband. As Patrick preps for surgery, he warns Matt to never question him in front of a patient's family ever again. Angry Matt accuses Patrick of emotionally manipulating Robin to get what he wants.

Monica knows Sam is still hesitant about Patrick operating on Jason, but assures her that it's for the best. Sam has a private moment with Jason as Jason is wheeled into the OR. She then joins Monica and Edward as they watch Patrick begin the operation.

Carly is at her house frantically leaving messages for Jax. She isn't angry with him; she just wants him to bring Josslyn home before something bad happens (i.e., Sonny finds him and kills him). Dante arrives to ask if Carly has located Sonny. He admits he doesn't want to lose his father because of Sonny's crazy need to get even with Jax.

Sonny is on board Jax's private plane where he hears someone behind him. He turns with his gun poised and sees Shawn standing there. Shawn and Sonny argue on their motives for finding Jax. Shawn is willing to sacrifice himself to find Josslyn while Sonny is more concerned with finding Jax because he thinks he stole Brenda from him. Shawn leaves as Sonny moves to the cockpit. He has an idea…Later Dante arrives and tries to arrest Sonny before Sonny does something he regrets. Sonny knocks Dante unconscious and runs off.

Shawn arrives at Carly's house to comfort her and admit that he has Jax cornered, but Jax escaped because Shawn had an episode of PSTD. Carly doesn't blame Shawn; after all he was the one who warned her that Jax wouldn't leave town without his daughter. Shawn asks Carly to think; who would Jax turn to for help?

Mac stops by the Drake/Scorpio house to check on Robin and Emma. Robin tells him about being the interim chief of staff. Mac congratulates her as Robin shares it's not as awesome as she thought it would be. She is having a really hard time balancing work with her home life. Robin urges Mac to be open to romance as Mac says he would like to just live his life without any matchmaking from Maxie or Robin. Later Robin hears a knock at her door. She opens it to find Jax and Josslyn standing in the rain!

At Jake's Coleman challenges Diane and Alexis to a little game of strip billiards. Alexis hesitates, but Diane is all for it. Diane reveals that although she and Max have been drifting a little lately, she can beat Coleman pretty quickly. Alexis takes a shot; okay, it's on! Later Mac arrives to find Diane down to her heels and her slip; Alexis wearing pretty much everything except for some jewelry and Coleman in his boxers, which is he about to remove!



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Uploaded: August 11, 2011