Wednesday August 3, 2011

At ELQ Tracy snarks to Edward that the "chosen one" Michael is not in the office. Skye enters. Maybe she could fill in! Both Tracy and Edward are suspicious of Skye's return, but Edward is the only one who is overjoyed. Skye explains she is in town for a charity benefit and thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit. Tracy accuses Skye of wanting money and Skye accuses Tracy of chasing Luke away. After Tracy stomps off, Edward says he wants to know why Skye is really back, but knows she won't tell him. Later Tracy catches Skye snooping around. She warns Skye that she shut her down before and she will do it again. Skye studies Tracy. People who are suspicious of others have the most to hide. Is Tracy hiding something? When flowers arrive, Skye is highly amused to see they are for Tracy from Anthony. Well, well!

Shawn enters Carly's house and scares her as she exits from the bathroom. He has a bag filled with muffins which is his apology for scaring her outside of Kelly's last night. Carly wants to know what is going on with him, but Shawn insists on watching over her in case Jax returns. He clams up when Carly asks him about his job interview in Washington, D.C. Josslyn cries and Shawn offers to take care of Josslyn while Carly gets dressed. Later Carly joins them and says she can't let Shawn continue to guard them without getting paid, but Shawn says Carly doesn't have a choice. What if he wants to? Carly appreciates Shawn's help, but doesn't want him to put his life on hold for her. Shawn reveals he was offered teaching science in a middle school in D.C., but he is not going to take the job. When Carly asks more questions, Shawn deflects. He still thinks Jax could return and make trouble. And sure enough, we see Jax in a hotel room with a shaved head and a photo of himself and Josslyn. We see the Port Charles Herald on the bed. Is he back in town?

Jason finds Sonny moping in his bedroom. He is willing to talk business, but if Jason wants to talk about "that bitch Brenda" Sonny doesn't want to hear it. Jason urges Sonny to pull himself together. Anthony knows that Brenda is gone and will use this as a moment to strike. Sonny seethes at the mention of Brenda's name. Later Jason brings Sonny some water and a sandwich. He sees the unopened letter from Brenda as Sonny vents. He can't believe Brenda ran off with Jax! Jason corrects him. Brenda didn't leave with Jax, but she left Sonny behind. Sonny says he doesn't deserve anything good and doesn't care if he torches his life. This raises red flags for Jason, who asks if Sonny has been taking his meds. Sonny insists he doesn't need them, but Jason says this is no way to ruin an organization! Sonny finally calms down and gives a few orders to Jason. After Jason leaves, Sonny rips up Brenda's letter without reading it. He then grabs a bottle of water and his medication before leaving the room.

On Sonny's private island Michael surprises Abby with a lovely breakfast. Michael brags that he can make a call and have anything brought up and shares his favorite memory of himself and Sonny on a speedboat. Abby thinks they should rent one when they return to Port Charles, but Michael says they can do that here today. When Abby says they need to get back to work, Michael assures her that he took care of everything. Abby frowns; if she doesn't work, she doesn't get paid. Michael may take their jobs for granted, but she can't! Michael reluctantly agrees to return home if it means that much to Abby, but when Abby sees how disappointed he is, she agrees to stay one more day.

At the hospital Robin checks in with Epiphany on some new changes, but Epiphany resists, especially with the color-coordinated scrubs. Robin sweetly asks Epiphany to support her, but Epiphany thinks Robin is going overboard. She suggests Robin to focus on patient care and motivating the staff before waltzing off. Maxie arrives looking for Matt and suggests Robin take a break as Robin complains that Patrick is trying to undermine her every chance he gets. Maxie says Robin needs to learn how to balance work and family and asks which one Robin would choose. Before Robin can answer Maxie runs off.

Matt finds Patrick in the hallway and says if Robin continues to work at this crazy pace, she will kill herself. Patrick frets that Robin is losing herself in this job -- and using it as an excuse to run away from working on their marriage. Matt suggests that Patrick do something to get Robin's attention, like acting like the arrogant jerk that she fell in love with! Later Patrick flirts with Robin, who is suspicious that he is acting so nice to her. He tries to get her to relax, but Robin is too stressed to stop. Later Epiphany gives Patrick a red bag. He thanks her and takes Robin's hand. Come with him! He is kidnapping her. Don't try to resist!



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Uploaded: August 03, 2011