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Monday August 6, 2012

At Wyndemere, Jerry makes it clear that Ewen has no way out of his master plans and warns Ewen of the consequences if he opens his mouth. Later, Jerry knows Ewen will stick with the plan or things could end badly for Elizabeth.

While discussing with Jason her relationship with Ewen, Elizabeth takes sudden action to save Aiden from almost choking. Later, Jason warns Ewen to be worthy of Liz ... and Ewen has something important to say to her.

Starr senses Trey's distraction and questions him. He admits his father is in jail, but swears Starr to secrecy.

Kristina tells Alexis that "Mob Princess" is over because Trey cares deeply for her. Later, Alexis apologizes to Kristina for manipulating her college admissions. Meanwhile, Sonny expresses concern to Dante about Trey.

McBain attacks Todd in front of Sam for sending a photo of their kiss to Natalie. A disgusted Sam manages to keep McBain from more violent action – but later, Dante arrives to arrest McBain for assault.

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