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Monday December 20, 2010

Lucky freaks out to his dad, saying Siobhan has been lying to him for weeks! He explains her sister Fiona called to check in with Siobhan because she hasn't talked to her sister for over a month. However, every time Lucky turns around, Siobhan claims she is talking to her sister. Luke points out that maybe Siobhan is talking to someone else, like an old boyfriend! It's not as nefarious as Lucky thinks! Lucky concedes that Luke is right; he just had a flashback to Elizabeth lying to him, etc. He'll give Siobhan the benefit of the doubt. Luke is pleased to hear that and convinces Lucky to return to the Haunted Star with him where Tracy again accuses Luke of trying to ditch her. Luke assures his bride-to-be that he's in it for the long haul, but Tracy needs to see it to believe it.

At the pier Siobhan listens as Jerry argues with the Balkan on the phone, whom we see is former hypochondriac/hotshot NYC lawyer Theo! Theo reminds Jerry that he works for him, so he needs to stop abusing Siobhan. Also that directive to kill Lucky was unnecessary. Upset Jerry grabs Siobhan and threatens to shoot her unless the Balkan puts 10 million into his account. Theo explains he can't do that because that will call attention to him, not to mention he has a feeling that Jerry will double cross him, so Theo decides to terminate Jerry's employment, effective immediately. And when the Balkan means immediately, he isn't kidding. Siobhan watches in horror as a nearby sniper shoots Jerry in the chest! Jerry gasps and falls into the water as Siobhan's phone rings. Theo identifies himself as Siobhan's new boss; he needs her to tell Lucky what she saw, but she has to say it like this …

Lucky leaves the Haunted Star when he gets an urgent call from Siobhan. When he arrives at the pier, Siobhan tells him she saw a man get shot and fall into the water. She wasn't sure, but it could've been Jerry Jacks! Lucky pulls out a photo of Jerry and Siobhan confirms. Yes, that was him!

Sonny arrives at the mob restaurant to find Carly and Jason arguing over Brenda. He isn't happy that Jason left Brenda with Jax at the penthouse, but Jason explains he needed to talk to Carly. He reveals that Jerry held her and Josslyn at gunpoint, which upset both Carly and Brenda. Brenda admitted that she killed the Balkan's son, so now Carly is uber upset and ready to throw Dante under the first available bus. Sonny makes her swear not to do that, so Carly cleverly promises to never to turn Dante in for covering up Aleksander's death -- and that's it.

At Jason's penthouse Brenda pleads with Jax to spare Jerry's life, but Jax says that he loves Brenda and wants to protect her. He clarifies that he is in love with Carly and wants to spend his life with her, but he never stopped caring for Brenda. If he can stop Jerry, he will! Brenda thinks that's a horrible idea and points out all that Jax could lose, but he remains determined. He's their best chance since Jerry will never see it coming.

Dante listens unseen as Lulu vents to Maxie about Dante hiding things from her. Dante reveals himself and announces he has the night off, which thrills Lulu, but makes Maxie suspicious. She narrows her eyes at Dante and announces she thinks Lulu's heart is no longer safe with him. Dante assures Maxie that she has nothing to worry about, but Maxie remains wary. Dante then heads home, but stops on the way to see Brenda. He admits he wants to come clean to Lulu about them, but no one needs to know about the baby. (Baby? What baby?) Brenda agrees; she doesn't want to talk about the baby any more than he does. Later Lulu returns home to find Dante's place decked out sombreros and plastic cati. He holds up a bag; dinner from Paco's Tacos! Lulu thanks Dante for the effort, but she knows that he overheard her conversation with Maxie. This set-up has guilt written all over it. Dante admits she's right and assures her again that she's the one that he wants.

Brenda goes out for a walk with Jason as Spinelli gets a phone call from Carly. He assures her that he's alone. Carly arrive and Spinelli is pleased to announce that he's found something on Dante. It seems that he paid a significant amount of money to a law firm that handles adoptions in 2007. Hm, why would he do that?

Theo watches Brenda and Jason walk along the street as Brenda frets about her impending lawsuit. She drops her glove and Theo picks it up. Brenda thanks him with a smile. It's obvious she has no idea who he is.

Alexis arrives to Sonny to warn him that Brenda's trial could get rough. He has to prepare her. Actually she thinks Sonny and Brenda are not good for each other, but then again, they are adults. Sonny is adamant that he's not going to lose his second chance with Brenda. He intends to make it work this time!

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