Monday December 6, 2010

At the hospital Robin overhears Patrick brusquely talking to someone at the lab on the phone. She grabs the phone from him, apologizes to the person on the other end and accuses Patrick of being bothered that Lisa is dating Ethan. Ethan arrives and tries to explain that he's not exactly dating Lisa. He's interrupted by a man who dramatically insists he has a brain tumor on his frontal lobe. Robin steps in and helps the man who introduces himself as Theo Hoffman. Patrick runs some scans on Theo but finds nothing. It turns out the guy is a hypochondriac. Meanwhile Maya demands an explanation from Ethan, who says a man has "needs." If he wants this to work, she's gonna have to put out eventually. Maya pulls Ethan into an on-call room but later dumps him when Ethan explains he was acting as a go-between for Johnny and Lisa. Maya accuses Ethan of being a pimp and storms out.

At Johnny's penthouse Lisa tells Johnny his gunshot wound is really bad; she needs to get him to the hospital. Johnny threatens to turn Lisa's syringe over to the hospital board, thus proving she was trying to drug Robin. He tries to stand, but collapses. Lisa decides to stitch Johnny up and to hope for the best. Unfortunately Olivia shows up and Johnny makes her jealous by insinuating he and Lisa are hooking up. Lisa makes a quick exit and Johnny tells Olivia they are over for the umpteenth time. We're having a hard time believing them when they break-up/make-up as easily as breathing. Olivia asks Johnny to stand and give her a kiss good-bye; when Johnny doesn't, Olivia busts him. She knows he's hurt. Why couldn't he tell her? When Johnny refuses to explain himself to her, they break-up—again—and Olivia walks out.

At the PI offices of McCall and Jackal Jason and Sam agree that Dante's idea to have Aleksander's remains shipped to Port Charles is a good idea. They will stake out the body and wait to see who shows up: the Balkan or one of his men. Dante heads to the hospital to tell Steve about their plan. He sits beside Theo in the waiting area and they get into a lively debate about opera. Who knew Dante knew so much about anything but Bensonhurst?

Brenda and Sonny are in her room kissing when they accidentally knock over a vase. Downstairs Spinelli and Carly hear it and rush upstairs, afraid that Brenda has been attacked. They are stunned to see Sonny there. Sonny accuses Carly of trying to sabotaging him and Brenda. Carly and Sonny get into a heated fight as Brenda and Spinelli sneak downstairs. Carly later storms out and Suzanne arrives to remind Brenda they have a cocktail party for one of ASEC's major contributors. Brenda quickly heads upstairs to get ready as Sonny warns Suzanne not to use ASEC to drive a wedge between him and Brenda. While Brenda goes with Suzanne to the party, Sonny heads to Carly's place where Carly begs him to stop seeing Brenda. She fears it will end badly again and thinks Sonny can do better.

Michael runs into Abby on the street. They chat for a bit until some obnoxious guy comes along and recognizes Abby from the strip club. He makes a lewd comment, causing Michael to lose his temper and throw the guy against the wall. Abby worries that this guy will go to the hospital to get stitched up and Michael will get in trouble, so he calls Jason for help. Jason and Sam arrive to smooth things over. The guy recognizes Jason and leaves with his tail between his legs. Sam goes with Abby to make sure she doesn't get in trouble at work. Later Michael goes home to take out his aggravations on a punching bag. Abby arrives to tell him that he can't beat up her clients anymore; she needs those tips to pay for school. However, but she's not mad at him.

Dante arrives at Jason's penthouse. Suzanne explains she needs him to escort Brenda to the ASEC party. When Brenda learns that Dante will be her date, she smiles. Just like old times!


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