Thursday December 9, 2010

In NYC, Siobhan is on the phone with one of the Balkan's henchmen, who demands to know why she and Lucky aren't at the bank yet. Siobhan snaps, saying she'll do what she promised as Lucky asks who's on the phone. Siobhan quickly hangs up, saying it was her sister, who's worried about her. Lucky gives her another chance to back out, but Siobhan insists she's in this. Later Lucky enters the room to find Siobhan looking at the window. He mistakes her for Siobhan until the girl -- wearing Siobhan's hat and coat -- turns. It's the room service girl! Siobhan pops out, beaming. She laughs; she told him this would work!

Lucky and Siobhan head to the bank where they walk in, wait, switch coats, and let the room service girl walk out. The Balkan's men follow the girl and demand she hand over an envelope. The girl complies; take it. She just wants to get a cup of coffee. Meanwhile Lucky and Siobhan grabs the real contents of Ronan's safe and return to their hotel. Lucky thinks that was too easy as Siobhan's eyes shift. He opens the envelope and finds photos of Brenda, Dante and Aleksander. It seems Ronan discovered a connection between Brenda and Aleksander. Siobhan looks at Lucky; what could the connection be?

Back in Port Charles Dante wakes up with a horrible hangover. Michael hands him some aspirin as Dante realizes he spilled his guts about Brenda last night. Michael nods; Dante has it really bad for their Dad's girlfriend! Dante groans, telling himself that he loves Lulu. Whatever he felt -- feels -- for Brenda is irrelevant. (Yeah, right!) As Michael tells Dante how Carly and Sonny used to fight about Brenda, Lulu arrives. She asks why Dante is hung-over and Dante is about to reveal his feelings for Brenda, but wimps out. Instead he says he is conflicted about turning Sonny in, but Lulu remains skeptical.

Michael heads to the docks where he meets up with Abby. He apologizes and Abby makes it clear that she isn't a prostitute; she only strips for money! Michael says he would've gone after Abby last night, but had to pick up his drunken brother at Jake's. He's worried about Dante, who was in love with Brenda -- just as Lulu arrives!

At Sonny's, Sonny gives a bunch of orders to Max and Milo in preparation for his romantic evening with Brenda. Max thinks it's a little disrespectful for Sonny to hook up with Brenda in a house he used to share with Carly, but Sonny waves Max's concern away. Later Carly arrives insisting yet again that Brenda is bad for Sonny. Sonny says there is nothing Carly can do to deter him; it's clear Carly knows something about Brenda, so spill it! Before Carly can say anything, Jason arrives. Carly leaves as Jason says that Carly might have a point. He's afraid that Sonny and Brenda will lose themselves in each other and forget Brenda's imminent danger. Sonny assures Jason that won't happen, but it looks like it already has. Later Dante arrives and gets super uncomfortable when Sonny gushes about his love for Brenda. Finally Dante can't help himself and blurts that he is the last person Sonny with whom he should be sharing this.

Steve arrives at Jason's penthouse to discuss the plan to move Aleksander's remains to Port Charles, thus lure the Balkan out of hiding. Steve hates the idea, but agrees anyway.

Meanwhile Lisa is checking Johnny's gunshot wound; she really thinks he needs more than her at-home care, but Johnny reminds her that he can expose her plan to drug Robin at any time. He tries to stand, but ends up collapsing! Lisa rushes to Johnny; he needs antibiotics. Johnny insists she steal some from the hospital, so Lisa heads to GH.

At the hospital Patrick is angry that Theo refuses to believe he doesn't have a brain tumor. Robin arrives and pulls Patrick away, reminding him that Theo is just lonely. There's no harm in performing a few more tests. Steve arrives at work to talk to Nikolas about the upcoming board meeting. Robin joins them to talk about Theo as Lisa moves discreetly to a supply card. She swipes a few bottles, but unfortunately Robin sees her -- and starts screaming! Lisa just stole some meds!


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Uploaded: December 09, 2010