Wednesday December 15, 2010 [computer Crashed Missiing Some Caps]

At the hospital Theo approaches Patrick, Robin, Steve and Lisa, who are discussing patients. Theo asks if they plan to run more tests on him today. Patrick sourly tells Theo that he's being discharged; despite Mr. Hoffman's insistence, there is nothing wrong with him. Theo looks to Robin; how can she do this to him? Robin sadly admits that she admitted him because she thought he was lonely. She can't find another reason to keep him. She's sorry. Theo absolves Robin of any blame, but accuses the others of negligence. Patrick, Lisa and Steve brush Theo's threats aside, but later take notice when Theo returns -- wearing a smart suit and hands Steve a document. He is suing the hospital for improper care!

Meanwhile Robin learns that Inez, Lisa's supposed housekeeper's cousin, has been discharged. She confronts Lisa, saying she knows Lisa is hiding something. Lisa warns Robin that the last time she became paranoid, she ended up in a well. Robin recoils; is Lisa threatening her? Because we all know how Robin ended up in that well ... Steve arrives to shut the women down. These high school antics have to stop!

Sonny joins Luke at the docks where they talk about their respective lady loves. Luke admits he couldn't live without Tracy, but he suited for marriage -- or staying in one place. Sonny gets it. He tells Luke how he reunited with Brenda and pledged to never lose her again, but this morning, he started to wonder if he should let her go before they both get hurt. (Oh, fickle Sonny ... ) Luke leaves and Sonny makes a call. He hangs up when Claire arrives, upset. She reveals that she was transferred to Alaska. Sonny sucks his teeth; gee, that's terrible! Claire sorta tests Sonny by admitting she has other options and could stay in town. When Sonny doesn't take the bait, she wishes him well and leaves.

Brenda wakes up alone in her woodland dream home. She hears footsteps. Thinking it's Sonny, she invites him back to bed, but oops! It's Dante! Dante explains he's here to take her back to Jason's and by the way, Jerry could be the Balkan, but he's now dead. So Brenda could return to Rome sooner than later. Brenda is thoughtful; she's not sure if she wants to go back. She just got back together with Sonny ... Later Sonny returns to surprise Brenda with a huge Christmas tree. He proposes they spend Christmas together, just the two of them.

Jason returns home where he finds Carly waiting for him. He tells her what happened with Jerry, including the fact that Jerry's car went off a cliff before they could prove he's the Balkan. Carly's face lights up; this means Brenda can leave Port Charles! Jason cautions that they haven't found Jerry's body yet, so Carly can't quite celebrate yet. Carly is confident her life can return to normal as she returns home. Unfortunately she has a nasty surprise waiting for her: Jerry holding her baby girl! Shaken Carly grabs Josslyn as Jerry plays the role of doting uncle; how are his nephews? His niece is quite lovely. Carly tells Jerry that he's supposed to be dead as Jerry says faking his death is an old hat trick to him. Jerry feigns hurt; why is Carly so mad at him? He's going to help her preserve her marriage by eliminating Brenda!

Dante and Brenda arrive at the Metro Court where Dante tells Jax about Jerry. Jax is confused; why would Jerry hurt Brenda knowing how Jax feels about her? Maybe Jerry isn't the Balkan ... Later Jax returns home to find Jerry taunting Carly and threatening to kill Brenda.

Dante heads to Jason's where they both admit they'd love for Brenda to return to Rome. However they soon learn that won't happen anytime soon when they learn that Jerry's body wasn't found among the car wreckage.

Michael enters Kelly's to tell Kristina that Abby bailed on him. Kristina is happy to hear this and urges Michael to date her pal Ali. Angry Michael storms out and heads to Jason's where he confesses he thinks Abby dumped him because she fears Michael will get violent with her. When Jason doesn't say the right thing to make Michael feel better, Michael returns to Kelly's where he finds Kristina getting pressured by another student, Bryce to attend some party. Michael gets in Bryce's face; leave his sister alone! Bryce mocks Michael for being a freak. He doesn't have any friends, let alone a girlfriend! Just then Abby arrives, kisses Michael on the cheek and apologizes for being late ...


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