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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday December 1, 2011
Dec 1, 2011

The mysterious man with the fab abs -- and who saved Elizabeth -- shuffles around Wyndemere holding ...more

a candle. He sits in front of Laura's portrait and falls asleep while reading a book. The woman in white sneaks out of the secret tunnel to pick up the book, but she quickly leaves when the man wakes up. Later the woman spies on the man as he opens his book, revealing a sketch of Laura inside.

Dolores arrives at Johnny's garage where she asks him for the clothes he wore on the night of Lisa's death. Johnny can't resist flirting with her, but Dolores shuts him down. She knows he was on the water the night Lisa died. Johnny whips off his sweater. Here it is! While Dolores struggles to maintain her professional dignity, Johnny continues to flirt outrageously, even so far as accusing Dolores of being overly ambitious because she has something to prove to the guys at the station. In return Dolores accuses Johnny of sexual harassment and leaves when Anthony arrives. Anthony warns Johnny that if he doesn't make a move soon, he will lose out to Sonny and Jason.

Mac and Ronnie are on the party yacht reviewing their evidence and realize everyone looks guilty. Dante arrives with evidence that Johnny was on the water on the night of Lisa's death. He says he got the intel from Dolores and insists that because she is too inexperienced, Dante should be reassigned to the case. Mac reminds him that he still needs time to recover and what about his promise to Lulu? Mac tells Dante that he needs a partner because the last time he worked solo, he got shot. Ronnie knows Dante is trying to protect Olivia by throwing suspicion on Johnny, but says that if evidence points to Olivia, then they have to look at her. Dolores enters and Ronnie informs both Dante and Dolores that they are now partners.

At the hospital Robin calls Monica about the next board meeting; she might be out of town for a couple of days. Maxie enters and breathlessly says something happened to Matt. He was gone when she woke up and isn't answering his phone. Patrick approaches; do they know why Matt cancelled all his consults at 3am? Maxie insists that something is wrong and storms out. Monica approaches Patrick to show him a file. Can he explain why he passed a tricky consult to another doctor? Patrick says he doesn't think he will be available for the procedure, which surprises Robin. Before Patrick can explain, he gets paged. Later Robin hides her own medical file among her paper work as she approaches Monica. Monica reveals she just came from a board meeting -- that was about Robin.

Shawn arrives at the Metro Court where he chastises Carly for working. He needs her to be home with Josslyn so he can better protect her. Spinelli, holding a basketball, rushes in. He ignores the "closed" sign and sits to text on his phone. Max and Milo arrive as Shawn goes to meet Jason. Carly flirts; is this Shawn's way of saying he is going to miss her? However, instead of protecting Carly, Max and Milo bug Spinelli about sports scores and online betting. They are angry when they learn that Spinelli is sharing his penchant for successful gambling in exchange for cyber services. Maxie arrives to ask Spinelli to track Matt. Spinelli finds the last number Matt called from his phone; it's the number to General Hospital's forensics department.

Jason joins Sam in an alley where she shows him Franco's newest tag. They are positive it's a message. Sam wants to investigate and gets cagey when Jason suggests she lets other take care of it, especially the man who is attacking the girls of Vaughn's. Sam explodes, saying this is personal. She needs to help those girls, doesn't Jason get it?! Shawn arrives and quickly deciphers Franco's message. Most of them are elements such as water from the periodic table. He gives Sam the wind-up baby that Franco gave to Josslyn, which troubles Sam. Shawn returns to Carly as Jason calls Spinelli. Can Spinelli decipher the last part of Franco's tag? Spinelli says it relates to creation, more specifically the bond to the creator. As Jason and Sam look at each other in horror, Spinelli suggests that Franco may have created something while he was in Hawaii. Hmm, what could it be?

Shawn returns to the Metro Court where he admonishes Carly for stuffing Max and Milo's faces with today's special instead of letting them guard her. Shawn suggests he move Carly and Josslyn to the hotel until Franco is caught. They need full-time protection. Carly has a better idea. Shawn should move in with her!

Alexis and Molly return home from a visit to Kristina. Molly tries to talk to her mom about Mac, who unexpectedly shows up. Thrilled Molly heads out while Mac has a favor to ask of Alexis. Will she represent either Robin or Maxie should evidence arise that shows one of them killed Lisa? When Alexis hesitates, Mac says he trusts her. Please consider helping his girls! Alexis agrees. Later Ethan arrives to update Alexis on the latest trespassing at Wyndemere. Upset Alexis realizes that Molly may have gone to Wyndemere -- and is walking right into trouble!

In New York Sonny asks Kate to take him a tour of New York City. He wants to see it through her eyes. Kate is game, but says it would take years to visit all the places she loves. She suggests a few places, but Sonny vetoes them. Kate orders Sonny to get his coat and runs out the door. They return from visiting a few galleries where Kate gushes over the art and Sonny says the best part was watching Kate's face. Kate admits there is one painting particular that she has always loved. Sonny is touched that she shared that with him. Kate loves sharing things with Sonny, except his fries. Sonny asks if Kate likes being seen with him. Kate reminds Sonny that she almost married him. When she suggests that Sonny return to his childhood home to confront his past, Sonny says he would rather watch a musical. Kate reminds him that if he doesn't do it, he will never be free.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday December 2, 2011 *Site Owner's Birthday*
Dec 2, 2011

Sonny and Kate arrive at Sonny's childhood home in Bensonhurst. Kate urges Sonny to go inside, but S ...more

onny hesitates. He ruminates about his stepfather, Deke, how he hid behind his uniform. No one knew that the supposed good cop was abusing his family. Finally Sonny is ready to go inside and sends Kate away. Kate promises to see him back at the hotel.

Back in Port Charles Lulu arrives at the party yacht where she is furious to learn that Dante is no longer on desk duty. He lied to her -- and he promised to never do that again! Dante, who is working with Dolores, defends his actions. He is a cop; this is what he does! Dante suggests they throw an engagement party, which is the last thing Lulu wants to do right now. Uncomfortable, Dolores excuses herself as Lulu says she is afraid of losing Dante. Dante thinks Lulu wants him to be someone else, someone he can never be! Lulu feels this means Dante doesn't want a long, happy life with her. Dante sighs; it's time they really talk about their relationship to see if they stand a chance.

At the hospital Monica informs Robin that she has been relieved as chief of staff. Apparently they don't want any more publicity about Lisa's murder. Steve and Patrick defend Robin, but Monica points out that Robin allowed Maggie to treat Aidan before she was officially on staff. Until the board finds a permanent replacement, Monica will be the acting chief of staff. Robin is actually okay with the news; this gives her more time to spend with her family. She assures Monica she will make the transition as smooth as possible. As Robin walks away, Patrick and Steve question Monica's decision, but Monica snipes that she is the only person at this nurses' station who didn't sleep with Lisa!

Down the hall Elizabeth and Lucky coo over Aidan as Maggie assures them that Aidan is fine. It's a miracle how he got to the hospital in the first place! Confused Elizabeth asks what's going on as Luke lurks around the corner. Maggie excuses herself and sees Luke in the hallway. Why doesn't he want to see his grandson? Later Maggie returns to Elizabeth's room where Elizabeth thanks her for saving Aidan. Maggie says the thanks belong to Luke, who drove Aidan to the hospital.

Monica is on a tear. After chastising Steve and Patrick, she sees Luke by the elevator and slaps him. She knows Luke saved Aidan, but this is for killing Jake! Luke reels from the slap and sees Lucky watching. He approaches Lucky, who tells him that Luke helping Aidan doesn't change things between them. He saw Luke at the Haunted Star with an opened bottle of scotch. Luke insists he didn't drink from the bottle as Elizabeth marches up to them. How could Luke get near her kids and how could Lucky let him?

Patrick finds Robin in Elizabeth's empty room where he asks her what's wrong. He is surprised she didn't fight to keep her job. Robin insists she wants to spend more time with him and Emma, especially right now. Patrick suspects Robin is keeping something from him and Robin admits she is. Patrick isn't going to like what she has to say.

At Wyndemere Molly hears something coming from the secret tunnels and calls out. Alexis calls and orders her to head to the dock right now! She is coming to get her! Naturally Molly resists and hangs out in the living room a little bit more to romanticize the castle. Later Alexis and Ethan storm into the living room where they tell Molly that someone has been trespassing. It's not safe for her to be here alone! Molly disregards Ethan's warnings as Alexis makes her and Ethan not to return to this place. Before they leave, Molly peruses the books once more and babbles about deep, passionate love as the woman in white eavesdrops. Ethan hears her and goes to investigate as Alexis takes Molly home. The woman in white comes out of the tunnel, believing that Ethan is gone, but he tricked her! He returns to the room to confront her and comes face to face with who seems to be a Laura clone.

Michael is on the phone discussing the stalker who has been attacking Vaughn's girls (both former and present) when Tracy arrives. Tracy wants Michael to return to work briefly to help with a client, who specifically asked for Michael. Michael agrees, but only if Tracy sends Abby on a business trip. Like father, like son, this is Michael's way of protecting Abby from the stalker. Later Abby happily tells Michael about her trip as Michael pretends he had nothing to do with it. Before she leaves, Abby gives Michael a date book filled with future dates for them in 2012.

Alexis heads to the police station where she confesses she had a change of heart, thanks to her scare with Molly at Wyndemere. She wants to help Mac help Robin and Maxie. Mac clearly fears that one of his girls killed Lisa -- or covering from someone. Mac tells Alexis about this suspicious talk with Robin last night, which leads him to believe that Robin is scared of something big. She is keeping a secret and it's eating her up inside.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday December 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011

On the party yacht Dante and Lulu continue to discuss their differences and their relationship. Dant ...more

e tells Lulu that he is a cop; please don't try to change him. This is who he is and this is what he is passionate about. Lulu admits she doesn't have a passion like Dante has, but doesn't need Dante to micromanage her. When Dante insinuates that Lulu might be like Laura, Lulu gets defensive. She doesn't think she is asking too much for Dante to be careful; he didn't come home the night they were supposed to get engaged. Instead, he got shot and almost died. Can't Dante understand that Lulu can't go through that again? Dante warns Lulu that if she tries to change him, she will lose him. Lulu removes her engagement ring and gives it back to Dante, but he doesn't take it. Alone Lulu throws her ring across the room and pops open a bottle of booze while Dante finds his gun and straps it on.

At the hospital Robin is about to tell Patrick what is bothering her when Patrick interrupts. He tells her that he took care of "it" and removed some of their clothing from the evidence bags before giving it to the police. He refuses to let anything hurt their family ever again. In fact he wants to fight to board on their decision to fire Robin. Robin sadly tells Patrick that you can't fight everything and win.

Down the hall Elizabeth screams at Luke. She orders him to stay away from Aidan and blames him for Jake's death. Upset she collapses and is taken to her room where Patrick tells Robin that it's his fault that Elizabeth is sick; if he hadn't brought Lisa into their lives…Robin tells Patrick that he is not responsible for Lisa going crazy and urges him to focus on giving Emma the best Christmas ever. Meanwhile Lucky tells Luke to be careful around Elizabeth. He also refuses to give Luke another chance and goes to check on Elizabeth. He tells her about the message he got in Ireland, which prompted him to call Luke to drive Aidan to the hospital. Elizabeth believes the messages were from Jake and that he sent Lucky home because Aidan and Elizabeth needed him. Lucky sees the hope in Elizabeth's eyes and squashes it. He is sorry, but he can't be a family with her.

At Wyndemere Ethan comes face to face with the Woman in White. She is too stunned to answer Ethan's questions. Flustered she dashes back into the tunnels and Ethan follows. He loses her, but finds a message from her written in the dust of the coffee table. "Tell no one." He leaves one of his own: "Don't worry." Later Ethan returns to the Haunted Star to find a farewell note from Luke, who was too crushed from Lucky's rejection to stay.

Back at the hospital Robin gets her test results. We don't know what they were for, but we know that it's not good news as Robin bursts into tears.

At the police station Mac contemplates tampering with evidence to protect Maxie and Robin, but Alexis convinces him otherwise. Does he really want to take the fall for the girls? She promises to help Mac to the best of her ability and that he tries to help his girls instead.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday December 6, 2011
Dec 6, 2011

At the hospital Lucky makes it clear that he and Elizabeth are over, but Elizabeth refuses to believ ...more

e that. She knows Lucky is still in love with her; that's why he is pushing her away. Lucky says it seems they always get back together on the heels of saving someone or someone getting hurt. This has to be a true fresh start. Elizabeth thinks that Aidan is their new start; they can be happy again if Lucky stops punishing himself. Elizabeth finally calls Lucky on his crap; she says that Lucky can't be both a good dad yet take off whenever he wants. Lucky insists that they both need to grow up. Love isn't enough of a reason to reunite with Elizabeth. He advises Elizabeth to get some help, which offends her. She says it isn't crazy to want Lucky to commit to their kids! Lucky claims this isn't about his commitment, but Elizabeth begs to differ. Lucky chasing fairies in Ireland at Siobhan's request is something Luke would do while she tries to hold down the fort, something Laura would do. She will be damned if she ends up like Laura, always cutting Luke some slack! Lucky is afraid Elizabeth is getting too worked up, so he goes to find a doctor while Elizabeth climbs out of bed. She grabs a tube of lipstick out of her bag. She writes on her pillowcase: Can't do this, which Lucky finds later.

Jason finds Sam in the alley looking at Franco's new graffiti tag. What is Sam doing out here? He pledges to find Franco as Sam admits she feels like there is never going to be an end to this torture. She tells Jason that whatever Franco did to her is not Jason's fault and spends most of the conversation trying to comfort Jason. Sam suggests they go to Jake's and have fun just like old times, but Jason can't. He needs to find Franco -- and make him pay!

The former mayor Floyd and Diane enter Jake's where they reveal that Floyd bought the town newspaper and renamed it the Port Charles Press. He also wants to be called Prescott (Pres for short) and as editor-in-chief, he hired Diane to write a column called Port Charles Confidential. While they drink at the bar with Coleman, Sam joins some of Vaughn's girls. She needs their help to stop their stalker. Michael enters and confronts Sam; did she find the guy yet? Sam pulls Michael aside and tries to calm him down. What is going on? Michael jumps on Sam, saying he wants to help the girls and Sam mistakenly assumes he insinuated that he said the girls deserved to be attacked. Michael studies Sam; what is going on with her?! Sam apologizes as Michael says he is edgy because Shawn has no idea how it feels to be used by Franco to hurt Jason. Hearing that makes Sam upset and she throws a pool triangle across the room.

Shawn arrives at Carly's place with a duffel sack. Carly reminds him that he is moving in and Shawn explains he travels light. He tells Carly that if he is going to protect her and Josslyn, she needs to obey orders. Shawn tries to maintain his professionalism as Carly tries to get him to admit that they are more than bodyguard and protected. Michael enters and is displeased to learn Shawn has moved in. Carly quickly explains that Franco is back, hence the added protection. Michael immediately assumes that Shawn is trying to take advantage of Carly, but Carly quickly puts Michael in his place. Shawn says that Michael doesn't know what Franco is capable of, but Michael knows all too well. Disgusted he storms out as Carly explains that Michael was raped in prison thanks to Franco. Later Jason arrives and Carly urges him to find Michael. He heads to Jake's where Coleman shows him the new addition to Franco's tag: an O.

In Bensonhurst Sonny summons the courage to enter his childhood home where he hears the voices of his past, namely his abusive stepfather Deke. He looks around the living room as sirens blare outside. A cop enters, gun drawn and accuses Sonny of breaking and entering. Sonny explains he owns the building as the cop advises him to bulldoze the place down. Sonny Corinthos grew up here! He was a mean little SOB who abused his own mother. That bastard Sonny beat his mother to death and when Deke wanted to press charges, Sonny had him killed! Sonny turns around; Jimmy doesn't recognize him? He tells him that Deke was a very bad man as Jimmy leaves. Sonny looks at the closet as he remembers Deke beating him. He yells that he is untouchable, but shudders when he sees a small version of himself huddled underneath the hangers.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday December 7, 2011
Dec 7, 2011

Maxie rudely answers the phone at Crimson while trying to remain calm. Matt is still missing! Lulu a ...more

rrives, wanting to talk about Dante as Maxie babbles that she is stressed and overworked. Lulu grabs Maxie. Make some time and listen to her! Lulu pours out her heart RE: her issues with Dante. She loves him, but hates his job and doesn't want to lose him. Maxie advises her to dump Dante. When Lulu makes a face, Maxie sighs. Here is the real advice. Dante is a great guy and totally reliable. Lulu needs to figure out what is important to her and go from there.

At the police station Dante busts Dolores for looking at his files. He would rather she not look at his stuff; just ask, okay? Dolores knows Dante doesn't like her, but assures him that all she cares about is her job. She proposes they get to know each other; how about a beer after work? Dante agrees. Meet at Jake's in half an hour! Later Mac stops by Dante's desk with a forensics report on Lisa's murder weapon. He urges Dante to get some rest; don't make Mac regret putting him back on active duty! Dante takes a moment to leave a message for Lulu, hoping they can make amends. When he looks up, Lulu is standing there. She holds out her engagement ring, but Dante doesn't take it. Lulu puts the ring on the desk. She says they have made their choices and they are over. Dante can't believe it as Lulu leaves to collect her stuff from his place.

At Jake's Sam apologizes to Michael for losing her temper. When Michael asks if Sam was ever victimized, she whispers yes -- but it was a long time ago. She still thinks about it. Michael knows the feeling; he can't stop thinking about his rape in prison, but thanks to Abby, he has been able to deal with it. Luckily Abby is away for business and not a target for this stalker/attacker who targets former and present Vaughn girls. He really wants to catch this guy, but Sam cautions him against playing hero. Sometimes people still get hurt and sometimes bad things happen to good people. Coleman finds Sam and tells her that Jason is freaking out in the alley.

In the alley Jason has a series of memories, all of conversations with Franco. He loses his temper and knocks over some boxes as Spinelli arrives. Spinelli tries to calm Jason with some reasoning, but Jason knows Franco wants him to be like him. Spinelli tries to brainstorm with Jason RE: Franco's motives, but all Jason wants him to do is decipher Franco's newest addition to his graffiti tag: the O. Jason finally orders Spinelli to leave as he is hit with another series of encounters with Franco.

Across the room Pres and Diane notice Johnny's intense conversations with the Vaughn girls. They suspect there is a story going on with them. Diane suggests they talk to the girls to get the scoop because Johnny certainly won't give anything up! Pres follows Sam and Michael outside where they are trying to calm Jason, who says that Franco is probably waiting for him at the place where they first met. Pres' questions about Franco pushes Jason's buttons. Jason throws Pres against the wall, resulting in Pres wanting to press charges against him. Back inside Jake's, Diane networks with Vaughn's girls.

Dolores arrives, out of uniform, where Johnny immediately flirts with her. He tells her about the guy attacking the Vaughn strippers, which worries Dolores. She is surprised that no one at the station told her about this. Dante enters and pulls Dolores away. Pres returns to ask him to arrest Jason, so Dante heads outside where he arrests Jason for assault. When Jason pushes him, Dante pulls his gun and whips out his handcuffs. As Jason is led away, he orders Michael to take Sam home. Sam refuses; that is the last place she wants to be!

Mac arrives at Crimson to ask Maxie where Matt is. If Matt doesn't show up soon, he is putting an APB out on him! If Maxie saw something or knows something about Lisa, she needs to tell him. Maxie doesn't know what to say, so Mac hugs her. He assures her that he would do anything for her (including cover/protect her), but Maxie insists she already told him everything she knows about the night Lisa was killed.

In Bensonhurst Sonny sees a little boy in the closet and orders him to leave. He realizes the boy is a figment of his imagination, especially when the boy says he is Sonny. Sonny refuses to believe he is that little boy; it's not him anymore. He runs a huge empire. People fear and respect him! That kid in the closet can't help anyone -- and he makes Sonny sick! Sonny turns to see Kate in the doorway, listening. She calls out to him, saying she is happy Sonny faced his demons. Kate leads him away and they return to the hotel room where they fall passionately onto the bed.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday December 8, 2011
Dec 8, 2011

In New York Sonny and Kate kiss passionately and tumble onto the bed. Kate suddenly stops and jumps ...more

to her feet. She refuses to be a distraction for Sonny's pain! Sonny needs to confront his past before moving on with another woman. Sonny is adamant about doing things on his own time schedule, even when Kate offers to return to Bensonhurst with him. He tells her that right now, all he wants is to be with her. Sonny offers her some champagne as Kate reiterates that she doesn't want Sonny to use her to escape his past. So if Sonny really wants her, he is going to have to wait. Sonny sighs; how about they go ice skating?

Olivia arrives at Jake's where Johnny approaches her. He tells her that Dante was just here on a date with Dolores. Olivia refuses to believe that Dante would cheat on Lulu, but Johnny begs to differ. Johnny smirks; people make mistakes, remember?

At the police station Pres urges Dante to keep Jason locked up while Dolores listens. Pres wants the police to crack down on organized crime, but Dante says they need to focus on serial killers like Franco. Naturally Pres accuses Dante of being on Sonny's side and storms out. Later Dolores tries to finagle the evidence room key, but Dante stops her. What is she doing? Dolores explodes, accusing Dante of being sexist. She wants to work on the stripper attacker case because it seems no one else will. Dolores intends to spend the evening working; her husband will understand. Dante wonders how Dolores and her husband make it work. Dolores sighs; funny, Lulu asked her the same thing! Later, Dolores steals the keys to the evidence room when Dante isn't looking.

Michael follows Sam to Front Street, where Jason first met Franco. She wants to look for clues that Franco may have left for Jason, but Michael refuses to let her do it alone. Sam lifts her chin; she can take care of herself. What does Michael plan to do when Franco shows up? Michael scoffs; she has no idea what it feels like to be a victim of Franco! Sam bites her tongue; of course she does, but she refuses to admit it. She walks Michael through the night Jason first saw Franco and looks around the block. Michael finds the letter O spray painted on a garbage can lid. It looks like Franco was here! They remove the lid and find a gift-wrapped DVD. Michael wants to show this to Jason, but Sam disagrees. Worried Michael asks if Sam knows what is on the DVD. Sam has a memory of fainting and being caught by Franco as she merely stares at Michael.

At the hospital Maggie asks Steve if he thinks Robin killed Lisa, but Steve assures her that she didn't. Maggie is confused; then who did? Steve warns Maggie against talking about Lisa; it won't make her any friends. Maggie smirks. Steve didn't get her this job to help her start over. He did it to keep an eye on her. She assures him that his secrets are safe with her and walks away. Later Maggie follows Steve to Jake's where he joins Olivia at a table. Meanwhile Johnny flirts with Maggie at the bar.

Anthony arrives at Crimson per Maxie's request. She reminds him that he owes her a favor and lays out her proposal in a very circuitous way: covering up Lisa's murder. Anthony smiles. That is his specialty! When Anthony reveals that it was Lisa who stabbed him and dumped him in the water, Maxie realizes that Anthony had motive to kill Lisa as well. Hm, maybe this favor isn't as much of a favor as she thought! Maxie attempts to blackmail Anthony into taking the fall for Lisa's murder, but Anthony reminds her there are ways to keep Maxie quiet. Maxie back tracks as she hopes that Anthony will frame someone other than her, Matt or himself. So, will he do it? Anthony smiles. He will think about it.

Lulu is moping at Kelly's when Spinelli enters. He immediately notices Lulu's sad eyes and urges her to talk to him. Lulu confesses that she broke up with Dante because she couldn't handle being a cop's wife and Dante refused to switch careers. Spinelli reminds Lulu that she used to have a penchant for adventure. What happened to that fearless girl? Lulu laughs; she forgot about that! Spinelli advises Lulu to remember what she loves about Dante before calling it quit with him. Lulu admits she loves Dante's sense of humor, but feels that she has to let Dante go.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday December 9, 2011
Dec 9, 2011

Sam visits Jason at the police station where she tells him she found a clue left by Franco at Front ...more

Street. She doesn't mention the DVD, just the O spray painted on a garbage lid. Jason is upset to hear that Sam and Michael were wandering Front Street together and is eager to get out of jail to search for more Franco clues. Sam assures Jason that Alexis is coming to spring him and heads home. Meanwhile Alexis arrives and tangos with Pres, who sees that Alexis is back to representing gangsters. Alexis begs to differ; she knows he will do anything to sell his new newspaper.

Michael visits Jason, who asks Michael if he found any other clues on Front Street. Michael hesitates, but says there was nothing but the O. Pre enters and antagonizes Jason by questioning Michael's parole status. Jason angrily orders Pres to back off and ends up slamming Pres' head onto the table! Alexis, Michael and a cop break the men up. Alexis orders Jason to chill out and to leave Franco to the authorities. While Alexis goes to procure his release, Michael says he knows something else going on with Jason and thinks he knows what it is.

Sam returns home where she prepares to watch Franco's DVD. She picks up Franco's baby doll and presses play on her computer. Sam's eyes widen as she watches. Later she slams the laptop shut and dissolves into tears. She looks at her shell necklace and cradles it in her hands.

Olivia stops by Dante's desk to ask him what he was doing with Delores at Jake's. Dante says that Delores is his new partner and they are investigating Lisa's murder case. You know, the one that Olivia is a suspect in. Olivia doesn't want to talk about Lisa, but about Lulu. Before she launches into a lecture, Dante orders Olivia to come with him.

Anthony enters Johnny's garage where Delores ambushes them. She asks them both to come on a ride with her.

At Crimson Maxie leaves yet another message for Matt when Spinelli arrives. Spinelli regrets to inform her that he hasn't found Matt yet. Ronnie arrives and orders Maxie and Spinelli to come with him.

At the hospital Matt washes his face as he tries to compose himself. Robin and Patrick get off the elevator as Robin happily chats about the fun day she has planned for herself and Emma. Patrick is surprised to see Matt and asks where he has been. Mac arrives; he'd like to know the answer to that question, too! Mac asks Matt, Robin, Steve and Patrick to come for a ride for him. And they are not going to the station.

Where did Mac, Ronnie, Dante and Delores take everyone? Back to the party boat! Everyone is incredibly antsy as Mac urges everyone to sit and reintroduces first mate Brigg. Dante announces that everyone in this room was present -- either on the boat or on the water--when Lisa died with the exception of Elizabeth and the dead captain. Mac shows everyone a wrench; someone in this room killed Lisa with this. They all had motive and opportunity. As Dante grills Patrick, Robin looks at Patrick's hand and has a flashback of seeing a man's hand grab the wrench. Spinelli runs through various murder scenarios in his head as Mac questions everyone else in the room. Mac lists various evidence they found such as Lisa's hair on Brigg's uniform and traces of sugar on Matt's shoes. Maxie urges Matt to tell the truth as Patrick remembers removing evidence from the evidence bags. Spinelli thinks Mac should start eliminating suspects, starting with Maxie. The suspects begin arguing with each other, leading Anthony to cackle. My, my, so much hate in this room. They are all capable of killing, aren't they? Mac finally releases everyone; he plans to make an arrest as soon as the last bit of evidence returns. Someone left something on this boat! Everyone rushes to leave as Maxie asks Matt to talk, but Matt brushes her off. Ronnie thinks the interrogation was a waste of time, but Mac reveals it was a way to rattle them.

Johnny and Anthony head to a restaurant where Johnny thinks that Anthony drew unwanted attention to himself on the yacht. Anthony didn't like how Maxie tried to pin the murder on them. He urges Johnny to protect himself as Johnny suspects Anthony is hiding something.

Robin and Patrick return to the hospital where Robin needs to check something on the computer. They start bickering about the interrogation. Patrick disagrees with Mac's methods while Robin believes he is trying to protect her.

Spinelli escorts Maxie back to Crimson where she thanks him for his support. Maxie is still worried about Matt, much to Spinelli's chagrin. After Spinelli leaves, Maxie leaves another message, imploring Matt to call her.

Briggs is walking in an alley when she notices someone is following her.

Someone returns to the boat and looks around with a flashlight. Dante ambushes them and is stunned to see it's Olivia.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday December 12, 2011*robin turns to Jason*
Dec 12, 2011

Dante finds Olivia snooping on the party yacht. He holds up the St. Teresa medal, saying he really h ...more

ad hoped that Olivia wouldn't come back for this. Does she realize how guilty this makes her look? Olivia explains she was seasick on the night of the party and had no motive to kill Lisa. Delores interrupts; uh, yeah, she did! Lisa was sleeping with Steve! Olivia corrects Delores; Steve used to date Lisa and he wouldn't kill anyone. Delores begs to differ, so Olivia leaves, but not without a warning for Delores to keep her mitts off of Dante.

Alexis is at the police station trying to procure Jason's release when Ethan approaches. He wants to be the caretaker at Wyndemere. Alexis scoffs; does he really want to do this? Ethan convinces Alexis that he has nothing to lose; the Haunted Star is practically closed and Maya dumped him. Alexis knows Ethan is such obsessed with the ghosts of Wyndemere. Since he was such a good friend to Kristina, Alexis gives him the job. She doesn't know what he is looking for, but hopes he finds it.

Inside the interrogation room Michael wants to help Jason, but can't unless he knows what is bothering him. Michael says Jason's anger reminds him of how he felt after his rape. Jason calms down and praises Michael for how far he has come. Michael credits Abby with his new outlook on life. Before Michael leaves, Jason asks Michael to tell Sam to stay safe. Alexis enters and orders Jason to tell her what is going on. Unless she knows the whole truth, she can't help him. Jason reluctantly admits that Franco had installed hidden cameras to watch him and Sam on their honeymoon. He needs to get out to protect Sam from Franco! Horrified Alexis leaps up and promises Jason that she will do whatever she can to get him released. Later Pres makes small talk with Alexis about Kristina at Yale and Alexis working for Sonny again. He'd love to take her out to dinner—or he will write a series of articles about Alexis getting mixed up with the mob again. Disgusted Alexis declines. Thanks, but she is spoken for! Who's the lucky guy? Mac!

Dante and Delores return to the police station where Dante tells Delores that Olivia's temper is just her being an Italian mom. He looks for the key to the evidence room, but can't find it. Delores covers her tracks by pretending to find it when in reality, she had forgotten to put it back.

At Jason's penthouse Sam finishes watching Franco's DVD. She dries her eyes and curses him; that sick bastard! She refuses to let him mess with her. Sam grabs her coat is about to head out when Michael arrives. He stops her when he sees the Franco DVD. Sam watched it, didn't she? Michael urges Sam to be smart and patient. He also assumes that Franco talked about his rape on the DVD. Michael doesn't think they should show Jason the DVD or that Sam should be at the police station. Michael is also worried about Jason's lack of control. He asks Sam if Jason has had a check-up since he left the hospital. Abby calls and Michael is happy to hear from her. Unfortunately their call is cut short when there is a loud noise, like a car screeching.

At the hospital Robin is looking at her files while Maggie corners Steve. She wants to know what happened during the interrogation on the party yacht. When Steve stonewalls her, Maggie says you never know what anyone is capable of—even if you know the person. After Steve gets paged, Maggie heads into the conference room where she finds Robin sobbing. She excuses herself, giving Robin time to compose herself. Later Robin tries to explain to Maggie, who says if Robin were three years old, she would give her a lollipop. Robin laughs when Maggie says that it worked on Emma. Maggie knows whatever was in that file upset Robin, so she gives her a lollipop to make her smile.

Sonny and Kate return to Bensenhurst to drink coffee in the snow and remember all the good times. Sonny suggests they revisit Kate's old home, but Kate isn't proud of the way she left her parents. They kiss as Mrs. Luccesi stumbles upon them. She immediately lectures Kate for getting involved with Sonny again, despite the money he has thrown at improving the neighborhood. A thug is still a thug! When Kate defends Sonny, Mrs. Luccessi says this is why Kate's mom wanted her to leave Bensenhurst and didn't mind that Kate never called home, etc. Kate's mom wanted Kate to leave guys like Sonny behind! However, Kate and Sonny refuse to let Mrs. Luccessi get them down. They say to hell with what others think and kiss.

At Wyndemere the woman in white is hanging out in the living room when Ethan returns. He calls out to her, but she scampers away. Ethan finds another message scrawled in on the dust of the coffee table: "I.C."

Robin surprises Jason at the police station where Jason is alarmed to see her. What is wrong? Robin hates to bother him, but she needs his help.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday December 13, 2011
Dec 13, 2011

At Jason's penthouse Michael's phone call with Abby is cut short. Worried he tells Sam that he heard ...more

a crash! Sam urges him to stay calm and goes to look up the numbers of the hotel Abby is staying at and the people she is working with as Michael says he knows in his bones that something is wrong. Sam finds the number to a Chicago hospital and together she and Michael make a series of calls. Michael eventually learns that Abby was hit by a fallen load on a construction site. They rush out to book plane tickets to the Windy City, leaving Franco's DVD on the floor.

Lucky goes to Shadybrook where he finds Elizabeth has checked herself in and will stay until she gets over Lucky. He chides Elizabeth for leaving him a message written in lipstick on a pillow, just like Siobhan. He wants what is best for them and the kids as Elizabeth says she knows Lucky doesn't want to come back to her. Lucky accuses her of being desperate. Is this stint in Shadybrook a ploy to get him back? Upset Elizabeth says that while Lucky wants to go find himself, he can't run from his feelings for Elizabeth and the boys. There is too much of Laura in him! Lucky thinks Elizabeth is being melodramatic, so Elizabeth tells him to go. Forget about his sons! After all, she has a lot of help from her brother, Lulu, her grandma. Lucky doesn't want her, so leave! Upset Lucky can't quite bring himself to go. He promises to check on her in a couple of days as Elizabeth curls up on the bed crying. However, as soon as Lucky leaves, she sits up, her eyes dry. Later she takes a walk in the hall and finds a guy painting in another room.

Maxie corners Matt at the hospital to ask him where he has been, but Matt can't tell her. She accuses him of cheating on her, but Matt says that couldn't be farther from the truth. He was saving a life! Matt explains he was called by a mysterious person to consult on his research and admits he performed his radical new procedure. However, he can't tell Maxie on whom he operated and where. Frustrated Maxie asks Matt if he has any idea what she had to do to cover things up for him. When Matt asks what she means, Maxie clams up.

Patrick struggles to order a present for Emma as Maggie approaches. Maggie tells him a pig is a bad choice and picks out something else. Patrick sees that Maggie is on a roll and asks for her help in procuring Robin's present. Maggie reminds Patrick that her specialty is children, not adults. She thanks Patrick for not telling Robin that she called her a battle axe. Maggie adds that she got to know Robin a little and found her crying in the conference room.

Robin surprises Jason at the police station where she says she needs his help. Can he help her disappear? Stunned Jason asks what happened. Robin dissolves into a mess. She wants to give Patrick and Emma one last wonderful Christmas and then leave. Jason spaces out, which concerns Robin enough to examine Jason's head and eyes. He admits he has had some headaches lately, but thinks it has more to do with Franco than any residual complications. When Robin tells Jason what Lisa did to her and Patrick on the party yacht, Jason has to ask: does Robin want to leave because she killed Lisa or something he needs to clean up? Robin doesn't quite answer the question, but admits her viral load used to be good. Her drug cocktail hasn't worked for months and she is pretty sure Lisa replaced her medication with placebos. Her recent tests have shown that she has built up a resistance to her current protocol, but has little hope of other protocols working. Jason refuses to let Robin give up, but she believes this is the beginning of a slow decline. She doesn't want Patrick and Emma to watch her die, so will Jason send her somewhere where no one can find her? Jason wants to help, but he won't.

Dante overhears Delores on the phone with her husband, who has to take a construction job out of town for a couple of weeks. Delores wants Dante to tell Olivia that she is not after him, but a happily married woman. Her face lights up when Dante says a match was made on the blood found on the deck of the party boat. Whose was it? Anthony's! Anthony arrives; his blood on the deck proves nothing! Dante and Delores scoff as they remind Anthony that he swore he was nowhere near the boat the night Lisa died. Anthony spins a lame story that he donated some blood to Lisa when she was in a coma, so maybe she had some vials of his blood with her on the boat. Dante then gets a text: a full confession to Lisa's murder from an unmarked number. They track the signal to the party yacht where they stumble upon a lifeless body.

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Wednesday December 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011

At the police station Jason gently tell Robin that he won't help her disappear. Patrick deserves to ...more

know that she could be dying. Robin's eyes fill with tears as she accepts what Jason says, but she also doesn't want Patrick to watch her decline. It would be too painful! Jason thinks it's too soon for Robin to give up, but it seems Robin has made her peace.

Carly finds Shawn putting Josslyn to sleep. She accuses Shawn of hiding something from her. Shawn finally admits that Jason has been arrested for assault. Naturally Carly rushes to Jason's side, leaving Shawn to read a story to Josslyn. When Carly arrives, she is unhappy to see Robin. She orders Robin to back off; how selfish is she to bother Jason about the whole Lisa Niles mess when he is in trouble? Robin doesn't take kindly to Carly's assumptions and the women begin to fight, much to Jason's annoyance. He blows up at them, causing both Carly and Robin to wonder if Jason's uncharacteristic explosion has anything to do with his recent head trauma. He should really get checked out! Robin leaves and Jason assures Carly that Michael is fine. He is with Sam at the penthouse. However when Carly goes looking for Michael, he is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile Sam and Michael board a plane to Chicago to see Abby, who has been injured in a construction accident. During the flight, Michael expresses his concern over Abby; he has no idea what he would do without her! When they finally arrive, Sam takes his hand and assures him that Abby will be okay. Back in Port Charles Jason is overcome with memories of Franco and screams, "No!"

At Shadybrook Elizabeth spies a man painting. He beckons her inside and invites her to have tea with him. Elizabeth assumes he is a fellow patient and listens as he waxes poetic about living every moment with passion. She says that she can't quite do that as she is a single mother and cries when she thinks of Jake.

At the hospital Lucky is waiting to talk to Maggie about Aidan when Matt approaches. Matt orders Lucky to leave Elizabeth alone; stop using her as his personal punching bag! Lucky sees that Matt is smitten with Elizabeth and bitterly tells him that rescuing Elizabeth can be a full-time -- and exhausting -- job. Matt heads to Shadybrook where he doesn't hide his surprise or concern from Elizabeth. Elizabeth declares she is going to stay there as long as she needs to and wonders if the man she met is the man who rescued her (when Lisa threw her overboard and she almost drowned). Matt accuses Elizabeth of checking into Shadybrook to manipulate Lucky into loving her again, but Elizabeth curtly tells him good night.

At the nurses' station Maggie tells Patrick she saw Robin crying in the conference room. She assumes Robin was upset about a patient as she was reading test results. Patrick is definitely bothered by this and asks Robin what is wrong when Robin arrives. Robin seems on the verge of telling Patrick the truth when he gets paged.

Lucky finally gets a chance to talk to Maggie. After discussing Aidan, Lucky tells her about the message in the pebbles, which gave him incentive to call Luke to take Aidan to the hospital. Maggie believes that the dead leave messages for their loved ones; you just have to know where to look. Later Lucky sees a nurse wearing a red beret. Could that be a sign from Siobhan?

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Thursday December 15, 2011 *The Death Of Abby*
Dec 15, 2011

In New York Kate finds Sonny sitting on the stoop of his old home. She is sore from their ice skatin ...more

g date at Rockefeller Center. They tease each other about their competitiveness and how different they are now. Kate wonders if Sonny had so many kids because he was lonely as a child. Sonny shakes his head, but he does want to give them what he didn't have, like happy holidays. He tells Kate about Christmas in his old house. His stepfather Deke would send Sonny and his mom home after mass and go visit the neighbors. Afterwards he would return home and pick a fight. One Christmas Sonny's mom bought a tree. Deke was livid and started to beat Sonny's mom. Sonny fled, but returned to find his mom badly beaten. Kate touches Sonny's face and urges him to ask/tell her what he is feeling. Sonny smiles; Kate is good for him, she knows that, right? Later as Sonny takes another walk to clear his head, Kate calls someone. She needs that person to do something for her -- and don't make her ask her twice!

In Chicago Michael and Sam arrive at the hospital. They are directed to the morgue, where Michael is heartbroken to find Abby dead. Michael sobs over her lifeless body as Sam goes to find out what exactly happened to her friend. It turns out Abby was struck by a fallen crane; the doctors did everything they could. Michael blames himself for Abby's death; if he hadn't asked Tracy to send her to Chicago, then Abby wouldn't have died! Michael cries that he loved Abby and told her that he would never leave her. He didn't get a chance to say good-bye! Sam assures him that Abby knew he loved her and hugs him.

Alexis enters the interrogation room to tell Jason that he has been released, but Jason is lost in his own fog of rage. Jason finally snaps out of it, but is determined to find Franco. Alexis warns him that he will get in trouble again as Jason says that Franco has already ruined his life. Alexis stares at Jason; what does he mean by that? When Jason remains silent, Alexis reminds him that he is married to her daughter. If Sam is in danger, she needs to know! Pres enters to aggravate Jason, so Alexis pushes Jason out the door. Before Jason can leave, Carly returns to tell Jason that Sam and Michael are in Chicago. However, she did find Franco's DVD. Carly sees that Jason is about to blow and asks him to count to ten -- and call her if he needs her! Jason rushes home where he watches the DVD. In it Franco taunts him by calling him an inferno of rage. He then offers Jason his congratulations; we're going to be a daddy!

Dante and Delores return to the police station after finding a dead body on the party yacht. It turns out Briggs and the Captain were lovers; when Briggs learned that Lisa had killed the captain, she killed Lisa -- and wrote her confession out before killing herself. Mac thinks the case is closed, but Delores remains doubtful.

Mac finds Alexis with her head in her hands in the interrogation room. He tells her that he has agreed to an interview with Pres to help Alexis out. Even though they are not a couple, he will pretend. Grateful Alexis thanks him.

Lulu arrives at Crimson to find Maxie sorting shoes per Kate's request. Maxie knows Lulu is here to talk about Dante. She warns Lulu that even the best guys have their limits. He put up a lot with Lulu. If Lulu loves Dante, she needs to tell him. Maxie then gets a call from Anthony, who requests a meeting. Maxie rushes out, much to Lulu's annoyance. Lulu goes to place paperwork on Kate's desk and becomes tempted by Kate's liquor cabinet. Naturally she pours herself a drink. Later she heads to the police station where Dante is arguing with Delores. Lulu asks Dante if he still has her engagement ring.

At the hospital Patrick returns to the nurses' station to find Robin lost in thought. Does she still want to talk? Robin says that Jason has been arrested for assault. She is worried that he is suffering from side effects from his brain surgery. Those rages of his are very uncharacteristic. Patrick is upset to hear that Robin visited Jason. Robin defends her actions as Patrick agrees to look at Jason's file. They hug and make-up as Robin declares she thinks Patrick is a rock star. She loves pretty much everything about him!

Maxie heads to an alley to meet Anthony, who tells her that he pinned Lisa's murder on Briggs. Maxie thinks they are now even, but Anthony corrects her. Now she owes him. As Maxie panics, Anthony says he looks forward to their partnership and walks away

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Friday December 16, 2011*Sam Tells Michael about franco raping her*
Dec 16, 2011

Maxie arrives at Elizabeth's house with bags full of Christmas decorations, leftover from a Crimson ...more

photo shoot. Lucky thanks Maxie, but Maxie admits she is only doing this to keep Elizabeth away from Matt, not because she cares about Elizabeth and the boys. Lucky assures Maxie that Elizabeth is too busy healing to steal Matt, but Maxie remains doubtful. Ethan arrives as Maxie returns to the car to get more ornaments. He is surprised to hear that Elizabeth is at Shadybrook. Lucky feels he needs to stay to watch the boys as opposed to searching for signs in Ireland. He admits he thought he saw signs from Siobhan here in Port Charles, but in the end, he thinks he is just fooling himself. When Lucky entertains the thought of getting back together with Elizabeth, Ethan reminds him that he and Elizabeth don't work together anymore. Being a family man would compromise Lucky's ideals. Lucky frowns; is it compromising to believe in love? Ethan doesn't think so, but advises Lucky to be open to surprises and other possibilities. After both Ethan and Maxie leave, Lucky looks around the room. He wants to be home for the holidays, but doesn't seem very happy about it.

At Shadybrook Elizabeth visits her artist neighbor again. He welcomes her back for another cup of tea as Elizabeth admits he seems very familiar to her. Have they met before? She moves to see what he is painting, but he quickly throws a tarp over it. Elizabeth apologizes, but the man forgives her. He formally introduces himself as Ewen as Matt enters. Grumpy Matt pulls Elizabeth away to give her photos of her boys -- and to reveal that he had the chance to execute his new methodology on a VIP patient, but he lost the patient. Elizabeth thinks the patient was too far gone. This doesn't mean it won't work on another case. As Ewen eavesdrops, Elizabeth gives Matt a pep talk. Matt laughs; Elizabeth sounds way too sane to be in here! Elizabeth admits she needs some time to process Lucky's rejection, but Matt can't help asking if Elizabeth checked herself into Shadybrook to win Lucky back. Angry Elizabeth snaps; so what if it is -- as Lucky arrives.

Ethan heads to Wyndemere where he leaves a box for the woman in white. She sneaks out of her tunnel to find food. She also finds a note from Ethan that says, "Don't be afraid."

At the police station Lulu asks if Dante still has her engagement ring. Dante pulls it out of his pocket as Delores approaches with the closed file on Lisa's case. Lulu is surprised to hear that the Lisa's murderer has been caught as Delores furtively steals Dante's evidence room key. Dante knows Lulu is not here to talk about Lisa, so Lulu admits she wants to get back together. She would rather worry about his dangerous job than not have him at all in her life. She should have never taken that ring off. Dante looks hesitant as Lulu takes his hand and asks him to marry her. Dante says he wants a life and family with her, but he can't put the ring back on her finger. He wants to make sure that this is what Lulu wants; all this back and forth is killing him! Lulu assures him that she will wear this ring forever. Dante happily puts the ring on her finger and announces to the entire department that they are engaged.

Delores heads to the evidence room where Johnny surprises her. What is she doing? Delores changes the subject, saying Lisa's killer has been found. Johnny grins. Well, then they have a problem. Their relationship is no longer strictly professional. Delores is in no mood for Johnny's games and asks him to leave. Johnny complies, but teasingly adds that he won't tell anyone that he caught her trying to break into the evidence room.

Spinelli returns home to find the place trashed. Jason admits it was him; his rage attacks keep getting worse. He doesn't know what is happening to him! The last time he completely lost it was the night he met Sonny. He flipped out at a club, but Sonny wasn't the only one who wasn't afraid. Jason reveals how he trained himself to shut down, but it doesn't work anymore. Spinelli thinks they should figure out why this encounter with Franco is different. Jason knows why, but gets edgy when Spinelli mentions the honeymoon. Later Monica stops by to encourage Jason to get a check-up, but Jason snaps at her. He immediately apologizes and Monica tearfully insists he call this specialist to make sure he is okay.

In Chicago Michael and Sam are still at the hospital. Michael continues to blame himself for Abby's death. Sam urges him to let his feelings out; bottling them up isn't going to help. Michael thinks he always ends up hurting people and goes to call Abby's mother, who coldly informs Michael she won't give him money for the funeral and that she always knew Abby would come to no good. Abby's mother also advises Michael not to contact Abby's father because he took off when she was born. Upset Michael hangs up and tells Sam how he can't believe that Abby's mother didn't love her. A mother should love her child, no matter who the father is. Sam is struck by this and sits on the bed to steady herself. When Michael sees the stricken look on her face, Sam admits that Franco raped her during her and Jason's honeymoon.

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Monday December 19, 2011 *Meet Ewan Keenan New Doc*
Dec 19, 2011

In New York, Kate and Sonny return to Sonny's childhood home in Bensonhurst. Kate has lost her earri ...more

ng and thinks it might be there. Sonny looks around with a sigh. He doubts he will ever make peace with this place. However, Sonny is stunned when he enters the house to find Kate has decorated it for Christmas! She suggests that this could help Sonny banish his demons once and for all. Kate grabs a gift from under the tree and hands it to Sonny. It is a trumpet. Touched Sonny kisses Kate under the mistletoe. As Sonny sees his younger self in the corner, Kate suggests that Sonny do something good with this place. Perhaps transform it into a women's shelter! Sonny loves that idea and later he has a snow ball fight with Kate outside.

In Port Charles Robin approaches Patrick to tell him there is an HIV conference she wants to attend. Patrick understands, but says now that Robin is no longer chief of staff, she will have more time to attend conferences and spend with her family. As Robin looks pained, Patrick innocently says that Robin will have all the time in the world!

Matt arrives at Shadybrook just as Lucky tells Elizabeth that he would like to take her home for Christmas. They can spend it together with the boys. Matt thinks that is a horrible idea, considering Lucky seems to feel obligated to do this and will probably break Elizabeth's heart in the end. Lucky doesn't care for Matt's opinion and assures Elizabeth he will return for her. As Elizabeth packs her bags, Ewen weighs in on the situation. He, too, advises against spending the holiday with Lucky, but Elizabeth doesn't care. Later when Lucky returns, Ewen introduces himself as the doctor assigned to Elizabeth -- and he is available for outpatient services! Later Lucky brings Elizabeth home where she gushes over the holiday decorations.

Matt heads to the hospital where he tells Robin that he lost a patient he thought he could save. He has a moment of doubt when he wonders what they are all fighting for. Robin gives Matt a pep talk, which inspires her. She heads to the lab where she is determined to find a new protocol and fight for her life. Meanwhile Matt is relieved to learn that Briggs killed Lisa; he was beginning to think that Patrick or Robin did it!

Shawn arrives at Jason's penthouse where he realizes that Jason has forgotten his meeting with a new informant. Shawn offers to go in Jason's place, allowing Jason to fly to Chicago to be with Sam and Michael. Carly arrives to put in her two cents. When she expresses doubt at Shawn's ability to protect Josslyn, Jason snaps at her. He needs Carly to let Shawn do his job so that Jason can hunt Franco! Jason won't be able to find Franco is he is worried about Carly! He orders Carly to listen to Shawn and hops on a plane.

Shawn and Bernie meet with Jason's informant, but soon realize it's a trap. They are ambushed and Bernie ends up with a bullet in the stomach. Shawn gets hit with post-traumatic stress disorder and struggles to work through his haze to help Bernie. Fortunately -- or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it -- Carly finds them.

In New York, Kate and Sonny return to Sonny's childhood home in Bensonhurst. Kate has lost her earring and thinks it might be there. Sonny looks around with a sigh. He doubts he will ever make peace with this place. However, Sonny is stunned when he enters the house to find Kate has decorated it for Christmas! She suggests that this could help Sonny banish his demons once and for all. Kate grabs a gift from under the tree and hands it to Sonny. It is a trumpet. Touched Sonny kisses Kate under the mistletoe. As Sonny sees his younger self in the corner, Kate suggests that Sonny do something good with this place. Perhaps transform it into a women's shelter! Sonny loves that idea and later he has a snow ball fight with Kate outside.

In Port Charles Robin approaches Patrick to tell him there is an HIV conference she wants to attend. Patrick understands, but says now that Robin is no longer chief of staff, she will have more time to attend conferences and spend with her family. As Robin looks pained, Patrick innocently says that Robin will have all the time in the world!

Matt arrives at Shadybrook just as Lucky tells Elizabeth that he would like to take her home for Christmas. They can spend it together with the boys. Matt thinks that is a horrible idea, considering Lucky seems to feel obligated to do this and will probably break Elizabeth's heart in the end. Lucky doesn't care for Matt's opinion and assures Elizabeth he will return for her. As Elizabeth packs her bags, Ewen weighs in on the situation. He, too, advises against spending the holiday with Lucky, but Elizabeth doesn't care. Later when Lucky returns, Ewen introduces himself as the doctor assigned to Elizabeth -- and he is available for outpatient services! Later Lucky brings Elizabeth home where she gushes over the holiday decorations.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday December 20, 2011
Dec 20, 2011

In New York Sonny and Kate have returned to their hotel suite. Sonny kisses Kate and they head to th ...more

e bedroom ... but are interrupted by news of Bernie and Shawn's ambush!

Carly arrives at the mob restaurant where she is horrified to find Bernie bleeding from a shot to the stomach and Shawn in the middle of a post-traumatic stress disorder attack. Frozen Shawn hears gunfire and the screams of a child as Carly struggles to help him and call for help. Ronnie and some cops arrive, but Shawn in unable to answer their questions. Carly deftly maneuvers Shawn away and gets him and Bernie to the hospital.

At the hospital Matt and Maxie meet Ewen, who was supposed to be Elizabeth's doctor at Shadybrook. Carly arrives with Shawn and Bernie. As Bernie is whisked to the OR, Carly tries to get Shawn help with his PTSD. Ewen approaches and suggests Shawn do some service dog therapy. Shawn would love that, but is afraid his insurance wouldn't cover the bill

At Elizabeth's house Elizabeth asks Lucky to stay and spend time with her and the boys. Lucky reluctantly agrees to sleep on the couch, but practically runs out the door (under the pretense of buying presents) when Elizabeth pressures him into being a family with her and the boys. Later Maxie arrives and accuses Elizabeth of pretending to have a breakdown to manipulate Lucky into being with her. Lucky returns and realizes that Elizabeth has been playing him. Elizabeth apologizes, but Lucky has had enough. He tells them that they are over and returns home to find a postcard from Mrs. Macinery in Ireland. Meanwhile Elizabeth vows to win Lucky back -- this is just the beginning!

Jason arrives in Chicago just in time to overhear Sam tell Michael that she can't confide in Jason because she already knows how guilty he feels about what Franco did to her. She knows how hard this Franco mess has been on everyone. Michael goes to make arrangements for Abby's funeral as Jason asks Sam if she is okay. Before Sam can answer, Carly calls Jason with the news that Shawn and Bernie were ambushed -- and Bernie was shot! Jason naturally takes the fastest flight back to Port Charles, leaving Michael and Sam to deal with Abby's death. Michael pulls out the datebook that Abby had marked with all the stuff she had hoped to do with him in the upcoming year. He turns to Sam; he knows how to honor Abby now.

Back in Port Charles Jason surveys the mess at the mob restaurant and sends Max away as Sonny prepares to leave New York and return to home to take care of business.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday December 21, 2012 *Lunte let's get married now, Sonny wants to help Jason*
Dec 21, 2011

Dante and Lulu are in New York City where they are back together and totally in love. Dante wants to ...more

take Lulu somewhere -- the World Trade Center Memorial. Lulu wonders if that visit was a test. She admits that she knows now that she has to value today and love Dante every moment she gets. Lulu assures Dante that she is ready to marry him, so Dante suggests they do it right now!

At Elizabeth's house Lucky breaks Cameron's heart by telling him that he is leaving. He tries to explain the reasons why, but all Cameron can see is that Lucky doesn't want to be Elizabeth or him or Aidan. Ethan arrives and Lucky tells him that it's over between him and Elizabeth. Her fake breakdown was the last straw. Ethan understands why Lucky wants to leave and wishes him well. In return Lucky warns Ethan against spending so much time at Wyndemere.

At the hospital Elizabeth sees Maxie and slaps her. That is for interfering with her life! Matt breaks the women up and admits he is the one that told Maxie about Elizabeth's fake breakdown -- and then Maxie spilled the beans to Lucky. Elizabeth and Maxie argue some more with Maxie getting some nasty insults in. After Elizabeth storms off, Maxie complains about Elizabeth to Matt, but Matt warns her to be quiet

Ewen approaches Elizabeth at the hospital where she makes it clear that she doesn't want him as her therapist. Then she gets a call from Cameron, who tells her that Daddy is leaving. Elizabeth rushes home to find Lucky gone and Ethan with the boys. Upset she returns to the hospital where she tells Ewen she needs his help. Meanwhile Lucky goes to the airport and buys a one-way ticket to Ireland.

Sonny arrives at the mob restaurant where he chastises Jason for Shawn and Bernie's ambush. This wouldn't have happened if Jason was paying attention! Jason snarls that Franco is back and Sonny urges Jason to open up to him. Jason reluctantly begins to tell Sonny what happened during his honeymoon, but stops short of mentioning Sam's rape. Sonny sees that Jason is beginning to shut down. He tells Jason that he wants to help him and insists that Jason continue his story.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday December 22, 2011
Dec 22, 2011

In New York City Dante suggests that he and Lulu get married—tonight! Lulu jumps on board with the i ...more

dea, but stops when she reminds Dante that Olivia would never forgive him for eloping. Dante realizes Lulu is right and concedes to wait one more day for his mom to join them. He remembers he has a cousin who is a priest and goes to make the call as Lulu realizes her own family won't be a part of her special day. Later Dante returns to tell Lulu that is it all set: they have the church and the priest. Now all they need is Olivia and they are getting married!

Back in Port Charles Sonny urges Jason to confide in him. What is going on? Instead of revealing that Franco raped Sam, Jason says that Abby died. Michael and Sam flew to Chicago to identify the body. Sonny nods; he understands now why Jason is so edgy. He was worried about Michael! Sonny leaves to find Michael as Jason has a memory of Michael telling him about his rape in prison—the one that Franco had arranged.

Michael finds Carly waiting for him outside of Abby's apartment. Carly wants to talk to him, but Michael cuts her off. Abby is dead—and it's his fault! Carly comforts her son as Michael tells her what happened. He shows her a picture of a field of lavender and says that is where he will spread Abby's ashes. Sonny arrives to offer his condolences. Carly advises him to be the father that Michael needs right now and leaves. Sonny does his best to comfort Michael, but things become tense when Michael asks to continue to work for Sonny and Sonny declines.

Shawn arrives at Jason's penthouse where he announces he knows why Jason is after Franco. Sam looks like a deer in headlights as Shawn says Carly told him about Michael's rape, which was orchestrated by Franco. Sam plays along and inquiries after Shawn's health, but Shawn downplays his injuries from the shootout. After Shawn leaves, Sam finds the broken Franco DVD in the trash. When Jason returns home, she holds it up. Jason watches this, didn't he? Before Jason can say anything, Michael calls Sam, asking her to come over.

Carly returns home to find Shawn with a decorated Christmas tree in her living room. Naturally she thinks this means Shawn is in love with her instead of seeing this as a gesture of friendship

At the hospital Monica tells Robin that she can have the chief of staff position back, but Robin declines. She says she wants more time to spend with her family. Monica tells Robin about Jason's so-called unusual bouts of rage and Robin agrees to call Jason to ask him to come in for a check-up. Then she calls Brenda and prays for a Christmas miracle.

Spinelli arrives at Crimson where Maxie asks him if he remembered yet where he hid Sonny's money. Spinelli tells Maxie not to worry about him and announces that he would like to spend Christmas with her. However, Matt calls and Maxie begins to make plans with him. Determined to win Maxie back, Spinelli devises another plan…

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Frieday December 23, 2011 *lante Get Hitched* Happy Holidays See U The 27th
Dec 23, 2011

In Bensonhurst Dante and Lulu arrive at the church to meet with Dante's cousin, Father Tommy. Dante ...more

half-jokes that now is the time for Lulu to back out—if she wants. Lulu assures Dante that she wants to spend her life with him. Let's do this! Olivia arrives with the news that she invited the entire Falconeri clan, but Dante wants to keep this private. Olivia is lucky she was even invited! Undaunted Olivia grabs some poinsettias for Lulu's bouquet and pulls out a tape of "Here Comes the Bride." She looks at Dante; now he can get married! Father Tommy performs the simple, sweet ceremony. Dante and Lulu kiss and share their first dance as husband and wife.

Back in Port Charles Robin and Patrick prepare for the holiday at their house. Robin wants this to be the best Christmas ever. Patrick gives her his present: a deed to a plot of land on which they can build their dream house. Robin loves it, but inside, she knows she may not be around to live in that house with her family. Her gift is a little more present-day: a video camera. Emma joins them and they have a tender family moment that is captured on film—exactly what Robin wants so that her family can watch this when she is gone. However, she gets a phone call from her doctor. Could this be the Christmas miracle Robin prayed for?

At the Quartermaine mansion Monica shares her fears that Jason's recent behavior is a symptom from his brain injury, but Tracy sarcastically assures her that it's a symptom of being a Quartermaine. While Edward and Monica reminisce about past holidays, Tracy gives money to Alice to buy presents at the jewelers. Later they find cufflinks for Edward, a bracelet for Monica and a diamond-encrusted invite for New Year's Eve for Tracy. Tracy thinks Alice did all this, but Alice reveals that the jewelry store was closed. Happy Christmas miracle! Tracy can't help but look hopeful as she looks at her gift. Maybe a reunion with Luke is not far off?

Ewen arrives at Elizabeth's house just in time to hear a very upset Cameron accuse Elizabeth of driving Lucky away with her lies. Cameron runs to his room as Elizabeth expresses her frustration to Ewen. Ewen gives her a paint set with the hopes to inspire her. Later Cameron creeps out of his room to join his mom and brother in front of the Christmas tree. Aw.

Meanwhile Lucky the deadbeat dad arrives in Ireland looking for another sign. He heads straight to St. Margaret's Church where he confronts an entity; who are you and why are you here?

Jason and Sam are having a very quiet Christmas at home. Jason gives Sam a kiss, saying they will be okay—eventually. They exchange presents: a phoenix figurine for Sam from Jason and a dragon one for Jason from Sam. They snuggle together as we see a DVD wrapped in monkey wrapping paper is left on their snowy balcony.

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Tuesday December 27, 2011 *Carly Get's Shawn A Dog*
Dec 27, 2011

Dante kicks open his door to carry Lulu over the threshold. Inside they find a gift from Sonny: a ch ...more

eck for $100,000. Olivia arrives with some food as Dante leaves for the station. Lulu admits they don't know what to do about the check and then asks Olivia if she could help her cook a meal for Dante. As they cook, Olivia thinks Lulu has the right attitude about marriage, but sadly, Lulu's cooking is lacking. She pops open a bottle of wine as a fix for anything, which—judging from Lulu's furtive and frequent drinking—is something Lulu can agree with.

Sonny arrives at Crimson to apologize to Kate for their aborted night and says that he needs her in his life if he is to have any hope for the future. He asks her for some advice regarding Michael and Abby's death. Kate urges Sonny to be there for Michael, so Sonny heads to the police station to talk to Dante, who catches Delores in the evidence room. She gets upset when she hears her sister's name and impulsively kisses Dante. Sonny interrupts; he needs Dante's help. He tells Dante about Abby's death and urges Dante to catch the stripper stalker. That would mean a lot to Michael and help honor Abby. Dante agrees and later he cuts Delores some slack. He says that if anyone asks, he authorized her to be in the evidence room. When Dante's back is turned, she slips a snapshot into her pocket.

At Carly's house Carly has a surprise for Shawn. A dog! She refers to the dog as a girl, but Shawn points out that it's a boy. Undaunted Carly names the dog Wilson and says that he is Shawn's to pal around with and to work his post-traumatic stress disorders out. Shawn can't accept Carly's gift.

Robin stops by Jason's place to ask him if he is still willing to help her disappear. Jason insists that she needs to tell Patrick that her viral load is unstable; she is cheating Patrick and Emma out of the time they can spend with her! Robin is adamant about leaving her family; she doesn't want to watch her die. There is nothing she can do about her situation, but there is something she can do about Jason's. She encourages him to get a check-up. When Jason refuses, Robin pretty much calls him a hypocrite. Here he is ordering her to come clean with Patrick, but he refuses to confide in Sam about his rages. Jason gets an idea; he will get a check-up if Robin tells Patrick what is really going on with her.

Sam arrives at a restaurant for a cup of tea and is shaken to find a baby doll in a booth. Is Franco stalking her? Patrick arrives and apologizes. Emma left her toy behind. Sam assures Patrick she is fine, but that doesn't stop Patrick from asking Sam to bring Jason in for a check-up.

Alone in her office Kate makes a mysterious phone call.

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Wednesday December 28, 2011
Dec 28, 2011

At Carly's house Shawn tells Carly he can't accept Wilson the dog as a gift from her. Carly gets ang ...more

ry. Is it because he doesn't want the dog or because it's from her? Why doesn't Shawn tell her what he wants? Frustrated Shawn impulsively kisses Carly, much to her delight. However, when he pulls away, she gets angry again and storms out.

At Jason's penthouse Jason blackmails Robin into telling Patrick what is going on with her. In return he will get a check-up. Emotional Robin reminds Jason that his life with Sam is just beginning; he owes it to her to get a check-up. His situation is much different from his. Michael arrives and he urges Jason to get checked out. Jason slams his hand on the table when Michael mentions Franco. Michael points out that Sam is afraid to confide in Jason because of his anger issues. If Jason doesn't pull himself together, he could lose Sam.

At the hospital Patrick talks to Maggie about Robin's HIV patient, not realizing that it is Robin. Robin arrives and tries to tell Patrick that she is dying when she gets a call. Jason also arrives, but before he can see a doctor, he gets a call from one of his men about Franco and Jason leaves.

Michael arrives at Carly's house to talk to her. He saw someone odd when he was in Auckland -- Jax!

At Dante's loft Olivia asks Lulu if it would be so bad to cash that check from Sonny. Lulu says that Sonny and Dante barely have a relationship; it wouldn't feel right. Dante returns home for a quick lunch, but Lulu warns him it's not edible. Dante reveals that Sonny came to see him at the station to talk about Michael; Abby died. Lulu realizes that Sonny is trying to reach to Dante; the least he can do is talk to him. So Dante heads to the mob restaurant where he returns Sonny's check.

Sonny finds Johnny confronting Anthony outside of Kelly's. Johnny wants to know if Anthony arranged the shooting that injured Bernie and almost killed Shawn. Sonny interrupts -- was he the intended target? He reveals that Abby is dead and that he will be taking back his shipping lane. After Sonny leaves, Anthony urges Johnny to get a cop on his payroll. Naturally Johnny wants to negotiate with Delores, but Delores isn't up for playing Johnny's flirty games. Intrigued Johnny orders a background check on her.

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Thursday December 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011

Tracy arrives at Dante's loft to find Lulu cooking yet again. It seems Lulu thinks she needs to lear ...more

n how to cook as well as Olivia if she is going to be Dante's wife. As Tracy peers into Lulu's sauce, she accidentally loses her Christmas diamond into the bowl! Oops! After they fish it out, Tracy makes it clear that she is not going to pine over Luke. This causes Lulu to reveal that she married Dante. Tracy is a little miffed that Lulu didn't tell her earlier, but promises to be at the Metro Court New Year's Eve party. Lulu also agrees to go; it will be an interesting celebration!

At the mob restaurant Dante returns Sonny's check. He can't take it seeing as it seems to be a bribe. Sonny just wants a chance to be something other than the bad guy in Dante's life. Dante makes it clear that Lulu is his family now, but sort of agrees to meet Sonny half-way. He says he and Lulu will attend the New Year's Eve party at the Metro Court to support Michael as Sonny agrees to take his check and donate it to a cause that Dante approves of.

At Jason's penthouse Michael tells Carly that he saw a man who looked exactly like Jax at the Auckland airport; could Jax be alive? Carly bites her tongue as Michael goes on and on how great it would be if he was alive and doesn't Carly hope that Jax is alive, too? Carly blurts that she can't forgive Jax for going after Sonny the way he did, which irritates Michael. He points out that Carly seems to have no problem moving on with Shawn or whomever. Carly explains that things are different with Shawn and invites Michael to the New Year's Eve party at the Metro Court. Michael says he will think about it and leaves, forgetting Abby's Empire State Building necklace. Later Michael remembers the necklace and returns, but ends up overhearing Carly admit to Shawn that there is a very good chance that Jax is alive.

At the hospital Maggie asks Elizabeth about Lucky. Elizabeth curtly says that Lucky is no longer around. Maggie asks if Elizabeth ever learned the identity of the mystery man who rescued her, but Elizabeth shakes her head. Later Elizabeth warns Maggie to leave Steve alone. He is happy with Olivia! Meanwhile Shawn bumps into Ewan and tells him that Carly tried to give him a dog, but he can't accept the gift. Ewan wisely asks if the dog is the problem or is it Shawn's feelings for Carly. Later Elizabeth bumps into Ewan and notices his jacket is missing a button. She has a flashback to the man who rescued her, but shakes it off to tell Ewan that she used the paint set he gave her.

At Wyndemere the woman in white finds Ethan asleep in the leaving room with a note for her. She leaves a note of her own and scampers off when Alexis and Molly arrive. Molly sneaks off to wander around as Alexis asks Ethan to go into town to get some food. Ethan heads to Kelly's where he thinks he sees the woman in white outside, but he trips when he tries to chase her. Back at Wyndemere Molly finds an old family album and puts it in her backpack. She also finds an unusual button -- which matches the ones on Ewan's coat!

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Friday December 30, 2011 *Happy New Year See U 1/3/12*
Dec 30, 2011

Sam wakes up from a nightmare of Franco. She reaches out for Jason, but finds the bed empty. Trouble ...more

d she calls Jason, who is looking for Franco clues at the old pizza shack. He assures Sam that Franco is gone and promises to return home soon. Meanwhile Sam looks at a calendar and realizes that her period is late. Uh-oh!

Sonny arrives at Crimson with a gift for Kate tucked inside the trumpet that she gave him. It is a sketch of new restaurant based upon Fortunato's. Naturally Kate loves it. Outside in the reception area Spinelli arrives. He gives a check to Sonny to replace his missing money. (It seems he never remembered where he hid it, but made the money online gambling.) Then Spinelli asks Maxie to give him a makeover to impress the new woman in his life. Naturally Maxie becomes jealous, much to Spinelli's delight.

Tracy finds Ethan standing around Kelly's. Is he waiting for someone? Ethan denies it, but later leaves a message scrawled on a coffee cup for the woman in white: "Looking for no one." Tracy assures Ethan that if she sees Luke tonight, she will make it clear that she is over him. Later Maxie and Spinelli arrive and see the woman in white!

Carly prepares the Metro Court for the big New Year's Eve bash. She tells Olivia that she and Shawn are not an item as Michael assures her that he will attend the party. Later Michael heads to Kelly's where Dante tells him how sorry he is to hear about Abby's death. Dante sees that Michael is out for revenge and tells him that Abby's death was an accident. He needs to move on!

At the Drake house Patrick and Emma prepare to go out for ice cream. Robin takes a moment to make arrangements to head to the airport, but she ends up cuddling with a sleeping Patrick on the couch after a warm family moment.

Guests arrive at the Metro Court for the New Year's Eve party. Michael is so angry with Carly that he announces to the whole room that Jax is alive -- and Carly has known it all along! Carly finally admits that she hasn't heard from Lady Jane, the Silent Lady is missing and there has been activity on Jax's accounts. So yes, he could be alive, but she swears she has no idea where he is. Furious Sonny realizes Carly was never going to tell him and just let him look like a murderer. Michael storms out as Carly tells Sonny she would do everything the same all over again. She may be a liar, but she isn't a killer! Michael runs outside and gets hit by a motorcycle -- driven by Jason!

Tracy realizes that her Christmas diamond wasn't from Luke, but from Anthony. She heads to the elevator to escape, but Anthony follows her. The elevator stalls and they find themselves stuck. Anthony thinks this is a great moment to ask Tracy to marry him!

Meanwhile we see Jax at the airport, getting ready to return to Port Charles. He looks at a photo of Josslyn and promises his daughter that she will see him soon.

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