Thursday December 22, 2011

In New York City Dante suggests that he and Lulu get married—tonight! Lulu jumps on board with the idea, but stops when she reminds Dante that Olivia would never forgive him for eloping. Dante realizes Lulu is right and concedes to wait one more day for his mom to join them. He remembers he has a cousin who is a priest and goes to make the call as Lulu realizes her own family won't be a part of her special day. Later Dante returns to tell Lulu that is it all set: they have the church and the priest. Now all they need is Olivia and they are getting married!

Back in Port Charles Sonny urges Jason to confide in him. What is going on? Instead of revealing that Franco raped Sam, Jason says that Abby died. Michael and Sam flew to Chicago to identify the body. Sonny nods; he understands now why Jason is so edgy. He was worried about Michael! Sonny leaves to find Michael as Jason has a memory of Michael telling him about his rape in prison—the one that Franco had arranged.

Michael finds Carly waiting for him outside of Abby's apartment. Carly wants to talk to him, but Michael cuts her off. Abby is dead—and it's his fault! Carly comforts her son as Michael tells her what happened. He shows her a picture of a field of lavender and says that is where he will spread Abby's ashes. Sonny arrives to offer his condolences. Carly advises him to be the father that Michael needs right now and leaves. Sonny does his best to comfort Michael, but things become tense when Michael asks to continue to work for Sonny and Sonny declines.

Shawn arrives at Jason's penthouse where he announces he knows why Jason is after Franco. Sam looks like a deer in headlights as Shawn says Carly told him about Michael's rape, which was orchestrated by Franco. Sam plays along and inquiries after Shawn's health, but Shawn downplays his injuries from the shootout. After Shawn leaves, Sam finds the broken Franco DVD in the trash. When Jason returns home, she holds it up. Jason watches this, didn't he? Before Jason can say anything, Michael calls Sam, asking her to come over.

Carly returns home to find Shawn with a decorated Christmas tree in her living room. Naturally she thinks this means Shawn is in love with her instead of seeing this as a gesture of friendship

At the hospital Monica tells Robin that she can have the chief of staff position back, but Robin declines. She says she wants more time to spend with her family. Monica tells Robin about Jason's so-called unusual bouts of rage and Robin agrees to call Jason to ask him to come in for a check-up. Then she calls Brenda and prays for a Christmas miracle.

Spinelli arrives at Crimson where Maxie asks him if he remembered yet where he hid Sonny's money. Spinelli tells Maxie not to worry about him and announces that he would like to spend Christmas with her. However, Matt calls and Maxie begins to make plans with him. Determined to win Maxie back, Spinelli devises another plan…

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