Thursday December 8, 2011

In New York Sonny and Kate kiss passionately and tumble onto the bed. Kate suddenly stops and jumps to her feet. She refuses to be a distraction for Sonny's pain! Sonny needs to confront his past before moving on with another woman. Sonny is adamant about doing things on his own time schedule, even when Kate offers to return to Bensonhurst with him. He tells her that right now, all he wants is to be with her. Sonny offers her some champagne as Kate reiterates that she doesn't want Sonny to use her to escape his past. So if Sonny really wants her, he is going to have to wait. Sonny sighs; how about they go ice skating?

Olivia arrives at Jake's where Johnny approaches her. He tells her that Dante was just here on a date with Dolores. Olivia refuses to believe that Dante would cheat on Lulu, but Johnny begs to differ. Johnny smirks; people make mistakes, remember?

At the police station Pres urges Dante to keep Jason locked up while Dolores listens. Pres wants the police to crack down on organized crime, but Dante says they need to focus on serial killers like Franco. Naturally Pres accuses Dante of being on Sonny's side and storms out. Later Dolores tries to finagle the evidence room key, but Dante stops her. What is she doing? Dolores explodes, accusing Dante of being sexist. She wants to work on the stripper attacker case because it seems no one else will. Dolores intends to spend the evening working; her husband will understand. Dante wonders how Dolores and her husband make it work. Dolores sighs; funny, Lulu asked her the same thing! Later, Dolores steals the keys to the evidence room when Dante isn't looking.

Michael follows Sam to Front Street, where Jason first met Franco. She wants to look for clues that Franco may have left for Jason, but Michael refuses to let her do it alone. Sam lifts her chin; she can take care of herself. What does Michael plan to do when Franco shows up? Michael scoffs; she has no idea what it feels like to be a victim of Franco! Sam bites her tongue; of course she does, but she refuses to admit it. She walks Michael through the night Jason first saw Franco and looks around the block. Michael finds the letter O spray painted on a garbage can lid. It looks like Franco was here! They remove the lid and find a gift-wrapped DVD. Michael wants to show this to Jason, but Sam disagrees. Worried Michael asks if Sam knows what is on the DVD. Sam has a memory of fainting and being caught by Franco as she merely stares at Michael.

At the hospital Maggie asks Steve if he thinks Robin killed Lisa, but Steve assures her that she didn't. Maggie is confused; then who did? Steve warns Maggie against talking about Lisa; it won't make her any friends. Maggie smirks. Steve didn't get her this job to help her start over. He did it to keep an eye on her. She assures him that his secrets are safe with her and walks away. Later Maggie follows Steve to Jake's where he joins Olivia at a table. Meanwhile Johnny flirts with Maggie at the bar.

Anthony arrives at Crimson per Maxie's request. She reminds him that he owes her a favor and lays out her proposal in a very circuitous way: covering up Lisa's murder. Anthony smiles. That is his specialty! When Anthony reveals that it was Lisa who stabbed him and dumped him in the water, Maxie realizes that Anthony had motive to kill Lisa as well. Hm, maybe this favor isn't as much of a favor as she thought! Maxie attempts to blackmail Anthony into taking the fall for Lisa's murder, but Anthony reminds her there are ways to keep Maxie quiet. Maxie back tracks as she hopes that Anthony will frame someone other than her, Matt or himself. So, will he do it? Anthony smiles. He will think about it.

Lulu is moping at Kelly's when Spinelli enters. He immediately notices Lulu's sad eyes and urges her to talk to him. Lulu confesses that she broke up with Dante because she couldn't handle being a cop's wife and Dante refused to switch careers. Spinelli reminds Lulu that she used to have a penchant for adventure. What happened to that fearless girl? Lulu laughs; she forgot about that! Spinelli advises Lulu to remember what she loves about Dante before calling it quit with him. Lulu admits she loves Dante's sense of humor, but feels that she has to let Dante go.


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