Tuesday December 27, 2011 *Carly Get's Shawn A Dog*

Dante kicks open his door to carry Lulu over the threshold. Inside they find a gift from Sonny: a check for $100,000. Olivia arrives with some food as Dante leaves for the station. Lulu admits they don't know what to do about the check and then asks Olivia if she could help her cook a meal for Dante. As they cook, Olivia thinks Lulu has the right attitude about marriage, but sadly, Lulu's cooking is lacking. She pops open a bottle of wine as a fix for anything, which—judging from Lulu's furtive and frequent drinking—is something Lulu can agree with.

Sonny arrives at Crimson to apologize to Kate for their aborted night and says that he needs her in his life if he is to have any hope for the future. He asks her for some advice regarding Michael and Abby's death. Kate urges Sonny to be there for Michael, so Sonny heads to the police station to talk to Dante, who catches Delores in the evidence room. She gets upset when she hears her sister's name and impulsively kisses Dante. Sonny interrupts; he needs Dante's help. He tells Dante about Abby's death and urges Dante to catch the stripper stalker. That would mean a lot to Michael and help honor Abby. Dante agrees and later he cuts Delores some slack. He says that if anyone asks, he authorized her to be in the evidence room. When Dante's back is turned, she slips a snapshot into her pocket.

At Carly's house Carly has a surprise for Shawn. A dog! She refers to the dog as a girl, but Shawn points out that it's a boy. Undaunted Carly names the dog Wilson and says that he is Shawn's to pal around with and to work his post-traumatic stress disorders out. Shawn can't accept Carly's gift.

Robin stops by Jason's place to ask him if he is still willing to help her disappear. Jason insists that she needs to tell Patrick that her viral load is unstable; she is cheating Patrick and Emma out of the time they can spend with her! Robin is adamant about leaving her family; she doesn't want to watch her die. There is nothing she can do about her situation, but there is something she can do about Jason's. She encourages him to get a check-up. When Jason refuses, Robin pretty much calls him a hypocrite. Here he is ordering her to come clean with Patrick, but he refuses to confide in Sam about his rages. Jason gets an idea; he will get a check-up if Robin tells Patrick what is really going on with her.

Sam arrives at a restaurant for a cup of tea and is shaken to find a baby doll in a booth. Is Franco stalking her? Patrick arrives and apologizes. Emma left her toy behind. Sam assures Patrick she is fine, but that doesn't stop Patrick from asking Sam to bring Jason in for a check-up.

Alone in her office Kate makes a mysterious phone call.


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