Wednesday December 28, 2011

At Carly's house Shawn tells Carly he can't accept Wilson the dog as a gift from her. Carly gets angry. Is it because he doesn't want the dog or because it's from her? Why doesn't Shawn tell her what he wants? Frustrated Shawn impulsively kisses Carly, much to her delight. However, when he pulls away, she gets angry again and storms out.

At Jason's penthouse Jason blackmails Robin into telling Patrick what is going on with her. In return he will get a check-up. Emotional Robin reminds Jason that his life with Sam is just beginning; he owes it to her to get a check-up. His situation is much different from his. Michael arrives and he urges Jason to get checked out. Jason slams his hand on the table when Michael mentions Franco. Michael points out that Sam is afraid to confide in Jason because of his anger issues. If Jason doesn't pull himself together, he could lose Sam.

At the hospital Patrick talks to Maggie about Robin's HIV patient, not realizing that it is Robin. Robin arrives and tries to tell Patrick that she is dying when she gets a call. Jason also arrives, but before he can see a doctor, he gets a call from one of his men about Franco and Jason leaves.

Michael arrives at Carly's house to talk to her. He saw someone odd when he was in Auckland -- Jax!

At Dante's loft Olivia asks Lulu if it would be so bad to cash that check from Sonny. Lulu says that Sonny and Dante barely have a relationship; it wouldn't feel right. Dante returns home for a quick lunch, but Lulu warns him it's not edible. Dante reveals that Sonny came to see him at the station to talk about Michael; Abby died. Lulu realizes that Sonny is trying to reach to Dante; the least he can do is talk to him. So Dante heads to the mob restaurant where he returns Sonny's check.

Sonny finds Johnny confronting Anthony outside of Kelly's. Johnny wants to know if Anthony arranged the shooting that injured Bernie and almost killed Shawn. Sonny interrupts -- was he the intended target? He reveals that Abby is dead and that he will be taking back his shipping lane. After Sonny leaves, Anthony urges Johnny to get a cop on his payroll. Naturally Johnny wants to negotiate with Delores, but Delores isn't up for playing Johnny's flirty games. Intrigued Johnny orders a background check on her.


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