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Thursday Febuary 25, 2010

Jason begins making plans for Sonny's immediate escape should his bail be revoked. Alexis realizes Jax is behind Claire taking on Sonny's case and asks him to back off, but he adamantly refuses.

Dante's conflicted over what to do when he's subpoenaed to testify at Sonny's arraignment. Patrick becomes angry when he hears Robin trying to sway Dante into defending Sonny by telling him how much he helped Stone and her.

While trying to recruit Ethan to come work for him, Johnny confides he wants to beat Sonny at his own game and leave him a broken man. Later, Sam asks Ethan to be aware that Kristina has a crush on him, and he doesn't want to lead her on. Ethan lets Kristina down easy, and Kristina blames Sam for it.

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