Friday Febuary 4, 2011*Could Sam Be Pregnant??*

Jason and Sam continue to discuss how good Abby is for Michael and vice versa. Sam then ruins the nice moment by mentioning Spinelli, who thinks that Sam and Jason are trying to have a baby. Sam assures Jason that despite what Spinelli says, she doesn't want a child. Before Jason can say anything, Michael arrives to talk to Jason, so Sam quickly leaves. Michael tells Jason that he got Abby a room at the Metro Court and wonders if Sam knows about his rape. Jason assures Michael he would never say anything; it is Michael's story to tell. Michael nods; he doesn't want Sonny to find out because he fears Sonny will think he is weak. Jason tries to convince Michael otherwise, but Michael remains firm. No telling Sonny! Carol, Brenda's OCD wedding planner, arrives and heads upstairs to put Brenda's wedding gown on Brenda's bed.

Lulu becomes upset when Dante announces he plans to resign from the Port Charles Police Department. Dante explains he is a hypocrite for covering up a murder to save Brenda, yet he sent his own brother to jail. Lulu reminds Dante that he acted in Michael's best interest. She urges him not to give up, but Dante smartly reminds her that she gave up on them. Who is she to give him advice? Lulu knows she has been bested, so she softens a bit. Still Dante doesn't seem entirely convinced and goes to re-read his letter of resignation as he prepares to sign it.

Sonny wakes up to find the bed empty. Panicked he calls out for Brenda, but Carly walks in instead. What is she doing here? Before Sonny can throw her out, Carly drops a bomb on him: Michael was raped in prison and it is Dante's fault! Sonny is speechless as Carly snaps that Michael needs him, so now would be a bad time for Brenda to cause Sonny to have a nervous breakdown. After Carly leaves, Brenda returns from the bakery (they have to decide on a wedding cake flavor tonight) and immediately sees Sonny's distress. Sonny doesn't want to tell her about Michael, so he changes the subject to the wedding. How about they eat some cake? Later Sonny goes to see Dante, who takes one look at Sonny's face and realizes Sonny knows about Michael's rape. To Dante's surprise Sonny assumes the blame for Michael's rape. Dante insists it is his fault and the two play the blame game until Michael arrives. Michael sees the look on Sonny's face and realizes with horror that his dad knows about the rape. Michael turns to Dante, furious. He told Dad?!

Carly is at Jason's penthouse when she hears Brenda and Robin enter. She quickly hides as she listens to them discuss wedding plans -- and Brenda's fear that Carly will sabotage the wedding. Brenda and Robin can't resist trash-talking Carly, who seethes silently. Finally the girls head upstairs as Carly sneaks out. Brenda opens the door of her room, ready to see her beautiful wedding gown, but freaks out when she sees it has been cut to shreds!

At Jake's Shawn watches as Lucky places Siobhan under arrest and drags her out. Shawn calls Theo to say that Lucky is not working with Siobhan. Theo is pleased; this means Siobhan is still useful to them! Meanwhile Lucky throws Siobhan into an interrogation room where they breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully now the Balkan will see that they are not working together. Theo arrives to "help" Siobhan, but Lucky says there is nothing Theo can do. Siobhan will be held for 48 hours, so Theo is welcome to wait until she is done being processed. Lucky then disguises Siobhan as a cop, which we think is hard to do considering her distinctive red hair, and brings her back to his place. They begin to brainstorm for ways to save Megan when Siobhan remembers hearing a bell on a recent call with her sister. Siobhan gasps; it was the bell that signals the departure for the Island Ferry in Galway! Lucky stands. Great, let's pack our bags!

Jason arrives at the police station and is alarmed to hear that Siobhan has been arrested. He immediately heads to Lucky's apartment where he finds Lucky and Siobhan with their luggage. Jason eyes Lucky; they are not going anywhere.

Nikolas brings Brook Lynn to the Haunted Star, only to find it empty except for Ethan and Maya. Ethan explains he won't open until Luke returns, but expects his dad back soon because this case of expensive wine just arrived. Tracy arrives and sees the wine. She inspects it, glad that Luke kept her out of his diamond smuggling scam. Luke finally arrives and wants to open the wine to celebrate, but Tracy informs him that if he is looking for his diamonds, he can forget it. It seems that Tracy knew Luke's plan to smuggle the diamonds via Crimson was a decoy. The diamonds are really in the wine bottles, which Tracy found and confiscated. Triumphant Tracy tells Luke that she will keep them in lieu of the 10 million he still owes her. Before Luke can say anything, Mac arrives to arrest Tracy for smuggling! Tracy yelps, but Mac points out that the wine was sent from Tracy to Tracy. As Mac leads Tracy outside, she shoots Luke the death glare to end all death glares.

Later Sam meets up with Maxie at Jake's for a beer. Maxie tries to get Sam to admit she wants a baby, but Sam quickly shuts her down. Lulu arrives, bummed that Dante didn't take her back. Sam goes to stand to get more drinks, but quickly becomes dizzy. Maxie studies Sam. Maybe she's pregnant!

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