Thursday Febuary 10, 2011 (Sam Pregnancy Results are in)

Lucky and Siobhan arrive in Ireland and decide to bunk in the same seedy motel where Lucky pretended to be Ronan. When Siobhan questions his faith in her, Lucky promises that he trusts and believes in her. He pulls out a map. Let's locate Megan!

Back in Port Charles Theo tells Shawn that Lucky and Siobhan tricked them. He knows about their rescue mission and has something planned for them. Their conversation is interrupted by Alexis, who is furious that Theo has encroached on her pro-bono cases. She needs him to butt out! Theo would be glad to if Alexis did her job correctly. He suggests she focus on her work as opposed to her family. (What a jerk!)

Siobhan helps Lucky narrow down the possible areas where Megan could be. She tells Lucky that she intends to go with him to find Megan. Later Siobhan weeps thinking about her sister and Lucky assures her that they will find her. They head out to the warehouse where they think Megan could be, both wielding guns. They are met by two of the Balkan's men, who congratulate Siobhan on bringing Lucky to them. Will this shake Lucky's belief in Siobhan?

Photo: JPI At the hospital Robin explains how she ended up in Terrell's room to Patrick, which makes Patrick jealous. As Robin talks, both she and Patrick realize that Lisa set her up, but it doesn't bother Robin since she had a nice time with Terrell. Nearby Lisa asks Terrell if he got Robin into bed last night. Terrell isn't so sure he wants to break up Robin and Patrick's marriage anymore, but Lisa tells him that if he wants to be with her again, he will ask Robin to go to Jake's tonight -- and make sure Patrick sees them. Later Patrick is about to ask Robin to a fancy dinner but is thwarted by Terrell. D'oh!

At Jake's Johnny and Ethan discuss Luke's botched smuggling gig. Johnny's face lights up when Lisa walks in. Ethan doesn't get what Johnny sees in crazy Lisa, but apparently crazy is hot to Johnny. Ethan leaves as Terrell and Robin arrive. Patrick arrives soon thereafter and moves to another table to order a beer. Both he and Lisa watch as Robin laughs with Terrell. At the bar Lisa slips some pills into what looks like Patrick's beer. What is Lisa up to now?

Dante walks in as Lulu begs Michael to keep Dante occupied until 6pm tonight. Dante looks at Lulu; what's going on? Lulu lies, saying that she needs both Dante and Michael's help to cheer Spinelli up. He's depressed because he is not with Maxie on Valentine's Day. Dante tries to turn Lulu down as Lulu thanks him and leaves. Dante sighs; Spinelli is all Michael's. He's going to the gym to work out!

Spinelli is at the mob restaurant working on his Sam Spade-like memoir, but it seems more fictional than anything else -- even if Maxie enters with Chinese food and an admission that she slept with the guy at the counter. Lulu arrives with a favor to ask; can he go to Dante's and keep him occupied? It's for Lulu's Valentine's Day surprise. Spinelli reminds Lulu that he still strongly dislikes Dante, but finally crumbles and trudges over to Dante's loft for some love advice. Spinelli arrives and manages to stop Dante, who looks like he would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge than listen to Spinelli wax and wane about Maxie. Before Spinelli can sprout any more Shakespeare, Lulu arrives wearing a beautiful dress and faux fur coat. Dante smiles as Lulu holds up two tickets. Excuse her, but would Dante like to go to the opera?

Sam arrives at Jason's place to find him zipping up a duffel bag. Jason is brusque with Sam, who goes to leave, but Jason stops her. Can she have dinner with him tonight? Molly arrives and Sam correctly guesses that Molly is helping Jason plan a Valentine's Day surprise. Molly hands Jason a list, but Jason says he has this covered. Hm, is there a gift for Sam in that bag?

Sam heads to the hospital to get a pregnancy test. Elizabeth hopes Sam gets the results she wants and promises to call Sam when the results are ready. Meanwhile Jason is busy setting up a romantic dinner at the mob restaurant but the decorations seem a little thin. Luckily Maxie enters and comes to the rescue. A couple of candles later and the place looks really nice -- much better than those cheesy leis that Jason had originally intended to use! Jason emerges from the kitchen; apparently he knows how to cook, thanks to Sonny. After Maxie leaves, Elizabeth calls Jason to tell him that she has the results of Sam's pregnancy test. Sam finally arrives; she is touched when she sees how much effort Jason put into their evening. Jason kisses her and reminds Sam how much she means to him. Before Sam can take a sip of wine, Jason tells her that she needs to call the hospital. Her pregnancy results are in!

Molly and Kristina set up a romantic dinner for Alexis and Mac. Mac arrives to ask the girls to stop meddling with his love life, but when Alexis shows up, Mac changes his tune. He explains he had the girls set this up for him because he wanted to surprise Alexis -- much to the girls' and Alexis's pleasure.

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