Thursday Febuary 17, 2011

It is Brenda and Sonny's big day! Spinelli and Jason are desperate to find the Balkan before the wedding, but Spinelli can't resist having one of his Sam Spade fantasies where he saves Jason from the Balkan. Hee. Jason orders Spinelli to stop daydreaming; focus! Is there any way Spinelli can speed up the process of matching Aleksander's DNA with samples from the hospital? Spinelli replies he's going as fast as he can…

At Jason's penthouse Suzanne watches Carol and Robin go through their pre-wedding checklist. As Brenda listens unseen from the stairwell, Suzanne notes there is still time for Brenda to call off the wedding. Slightly annoyed Robin reminds Suzanne that Brenda won't as marrying Sonny is something Brenda has wanted for a very long time. Brenda coughs and comes downstairs. She gets a little scratchy with Suzanne and we can't blame her. Suzanne's anti-wedding song and dance is getting old, even if it's part of her plan to avenge her son's death. After Suzanne and Carol leave, Brenda turns to Robin, afraid that something will ruin her big day. Robin assures Brenda that everyone has taken every precaution and they begin to leave when Edward arrives. Of course Edward -- in his curmudgeon way -- asks if marrying that thug Sonny is really what Brenda wants. When Brenda lovingly confirms, Edward gives the lace handkerchief that Lila carried on her wedding day. Brenda tearfully hugs Edward, touched by his gesture. Aw.

At Sonny's house Sonny gives Max and Milo last minute instructions. The bodyguard brothers are still hesitant about "kidnapping" Carly and holding her until Sonny and Brenda say their "I do's" but Sonny insists that this is the right thing to do. Max and Milo exchange a look, clearly afraid of how Carly will react to this.

At Kelly's Carly arrives to tell Uncle Luke that she was unable to talk to Brenda about the baby, so she will be "forced" to announce it during the wedding. Oh, gosh darn it! Luke encourages Carly to try to talk to Brenda one more time, reminding her that she could hurt a lot of other people with this, including Sonny and Michael. Carly then stops by Sonny's place to wish him well where Michael gets suspicious of Carly's motives. Carly feigns innocence and leaves. She heads to the PI office where Spinelli asks about her plans to drop the baby bomb on Brenda and Dante. Carly informs him that she plans to talk to Brenda in the hopes that Brenda will cancel the wedding. Carly then returns to Kelly's where Max and Milo greet her. They whisk her away, much to her annoyance and Luke's amusement.

Luke happily greets Ethan and tries to recruit him to work at Kelly's so Luke can attend the wedding, but Kristina invites Ethan to the wedding. Ethan turns to Luke and smiles; sorry, old man! Gotta go get ready! Molly spies Shawn nearby and tells him how happy she is that Sonny will marry Brenda today.

Earlier Theo and Shawn review the plans to abduct Brenda before the ceremony as Alexis arrives. Alexis mentions that she will attend the wedding with her daughters and goes, forgetting her glasses on the desk. Later Suzanne arrives to inform her husband Theo (aka the Balkan) that everything is going according to plan. Theo smiles and reveals he has a celebration planned for them once Brenda pays for killing their son.

Michael and Dante arrive at Sonny's place where Sonny has a tender moment with his sons. Even though Sonny didn't raise either of them, he is proud of them and hopes they can learn to be a family. Dante is touched, despite his strained relationship with Sonny.

At the Archer Pavilion Carol catches Shawn snooping in the bride's room. Suzanne arrives and saves Shawn by explaining Shawn is additional security hired by Theo -- which is actually true in a way. Satisfied Carol leaves and Suzanne reminds Shawn not to let anything get in the way of kidnapping Brenda. Meanwhile Brenda and Robin arrive and are impressed by the decorations. Brenda is both excited and nervous as Robin does her best to calm her.

Molly arrives at the law office looking for Alexis. She sees Alexis's glasses and goes to grab them, but hides when she hears someone coming. As Molly kneels behind the desk, Theo enters. He is on the phone with Shawn and talking about their plans to kidnap Brenda. Molly's eyes widen. Theo is the Balkan!

Jason and Sam are at Jason's place getting ready for the wedding. They are happy for Brenda and Sonny because it means Brenda will move out of the penthouse and in with Sonny, thus giving Sam and Jason some alone time. Spinelli bursts in with some good news. He knows the identity of the Balkan!


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