Friday Febuary 17, 2012 *Gas Leek in Robin Lab patrick Passes out*

Jason, Sam, and Monica discuss their future as a family, and they cling to hope that Robin can find a cure for Jason before it's too late. Jason asks Monica about whether home movies exist of him as a baby, though he doesn't explain why.

Anna bonds with her granddaughter, and she and Emma go to visit Robin at the hospital. Meanwhile, Patrick goes looking for her in the lab, only to find that there's a gas leak. He passes out as the gasses surround him.

Everyone is gathered at the Metrocourt's Pulmonary Research Benefit Ball. Sonny makes an emotional speech as he donates money in the name of his son, Dante. But when Johnny starts heckling Johnny from the sidelines, Sonny publicly exposes Johnny's shameful secret about Claudia, and it is war! Both Carly and Kate can't believe what Sonny's done, and later, when Sonny and Dante argue in the parking garage, a gloved hand aims a gun at them.

Matt tells Elizabeth that it was Maxie who ratted her out to Monica, and Maxie fights back by lashing out at the both of them. Matt is sick of Maxie's dramatics and demands an apology, while Elizabeth pledges to make Maxie's life a living hell.


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Uploaded: February 17, 2012