Tuesday 14, 2012 *Anna DeVane Visits*

Robin, Patrick and Emma share a loving moment on Valentine's Day. A trail of chocolate kisses lead Robin ultimately to a surprise at the front door: her mother, Anna Devane, is back!

Meanwhile, Jason experiences a neurological episode when thinking about Franco. Patrick and Robin work in tandem to explain his test results, and Robin vows to find a genetic protocol solution to save Jason. Later, Sam has a new Franco DVD present.

Carly and Kate struggle over creative control of the Metrocourt and the upcoming charity bash, with Sonny placed right in the middle.

TJ and Molly continue to forge a friendship as they study together. But later, TJ announces an unauthorized party at the lakehouse via MyFace.

Matt is horrified to learn of Elizabeth's suspension from the hospital, and he ends up going after Maxie. Only she lobs one back: she knows he killed Lisa!

After a romantic tryst in the evidence room, Dante and Lulu discuss his relationship with Sonny and the effect the pulmonary research ball with have on father and son.


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