Wednesday Febuary 29, 2012 *Robert Scorpio Returns*

Michael feels responsible for failing Starr, despite Epiphany's assurances. When Starr wakes up, his silence on the matter of Cole and Hope freaks her out, but she's sedated by the nurses before he can tell her what happened.

Meanwhile, Dante questions Sonny, but gets nowhere about his recent whereabouts.

Patrick confirms to Sam that Jason is successfully in recovery -- but only because of Robin. We see him finally break down in grief, and he gets some comforting words from Epiphany.

Robert Scorpio arrives in Port Charles, and Anna breaks the worst news a father can hear. Robert takes the news of Robin's death hard, and he goes to visit her in the morgue.

With her claim that Ethan is Robert Scorpio's son, Holly convinces Helena to back away. But once Helena has fled, Luke demands to know the truth.

Olivia discovers Kate in her bloody wedding dress, acting terribly odd. And Ewen pays Elizabeth a visit and ends up consoling her when she gets the terrible news about Robin.


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Uploaded: February 29, 2012