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Friday January 15, 2010

Michael convinces Carly it would be best if he left the cabin and returned home. Once back in Port Charles, Michael heads to the morgue with the intention of seeing Claudia's corpse but is intercepted by Sonny. Dominic overhears Sonny and Michael talking in the morgue.

Jason is adamantly opposed to Sonny's plan to implicate Franco for Claudia's murder. He worries it will ultimately backfire on Michael.

Nikolas takes Lulu's advice and decides to leave town, probably forever. Lucky severs all ties with Nikolas, but Lulu convinces him to say goodbye to his brother before he leaves. So Lucky goes to Wyndemere, but rather than speak to Nikolas, he walks in on Nik and Elizabeth having sex.


CATV 8 20100115 0200(13)

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