Wednesday January 27, 2010

Jason and Spinelli take a closer look at Dominic, and everything appears to be clear. Jason begins to grow suspicious of Dominic after speaking to Sonny's housekeeper. And Spinelli discovers an undercover cop supplied DNA evidence on Sonny to the police.

Jax confides to Olivia that he's afraid the fallout from Sonny's arrest could tear his family apart. Carly continues to make plans for Josslyn's upcoming christening.

Dominic doesn't see how he and Lulu could possibly have a relationship once Sonny's arrested and the truth comes out. Carly advises Lulu to stand by Dominic, if she loves him. Johnny's incredulous when Olivia admits she went to Dominic's superiors to have him removed from Sonny's case.

Patrick sings Lisa's praises to Steve after her surgery on Mike saves his legs.


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Uploaded: January 27, 2010