Friday January 28, 2011

Dante sees Lulu on the street and overhears her on the phone with Maxie. She denies that she was crying over Dante last night. However Dante admits he was blubbering like a baby. He turns on the charm in an attempt to convince Lulu to take a romantic trip to Paris with him. Lulu laughs, especially when Dante says he would let Lucky and Ethan beat him up if that meant Lulu's forgiveness. (Hey, what about Lulu's other brother, Nikolas?) When Dante apologizes again for keeping the truth about Brenda and Aleksander from Lulu, Lulu's smile fades. She reminds Dante that she can't trust him and leaves.

Theo, aka the Balkan, reveals his master plan for Brenda; he intends to kidnap her on her wedding day and needs Siobhan's help. He orders her to get all the specs of St. Timothy's including the bride's room. If Siobhan does not cooperate, he will kill her sister Megan and Lucky. Confident Siobhan will do as he asked Theo returns to Diane's law offices where he quickly hides a photo of Aleksander and Brenda when Alexis arrives. Luckily Alexis does not see the photo even when she grabs the files on top of it. Alexis heads out, leaving her scarf behind. Later Lulu arrives to thank Theo for telling her about Dante and Brenda's cover-up. She reveals she broke up with Dante. Theo grabs Alexis's scarf and talks how it would be a shame for Lulu to pay for Dante's crimes as we wonder if Theo intends to strangle Lulu with the scarf.

At Lucky's apartment Jason asks why Lucky is concerned with security on Brenda's wedding day. He assures Lucky that he has is covered. Lucky explains that Dante will be busy as best man, so he is stepping in for Jason, but Jason remains suspicious. Jason tries to get Lucky to admit that Siobhan might be a traitor, but Lucky refuses. Later Jason arrives at Dante's place to announce his suspicion that Siobhan might be working for the Balkan—and Lucky is too lovesick to see it.

Jason, however, is wrong. When Siobhan returns, Lucky gives her ample opportunities to come clean with him. The pain is as plain as day on his face. We're surprised that Siobhan doesn't see it as she continues to fidget and invent lame stories/excuses. Siobhan has an errand to run, so Lucky follows her to St. Timothy's where Siobhan believes Brenda's wedding will be. Lucky catches her snapping photos of the church and busts her. He knows she is working for the Balkan!

At Jason's penthouse Spinelli makes Sam uncomfortable as he gushes about a Fair Sam and Stone Cold baby. As Sam explains the fertility reconstruction procedure that could allow her to have children, Brenda comes downstairs. Is someone having a baby? Sam insists that she is not and opens up to Brenda about losing her and Sonny's daughter. Brenda realizes how painful this is for Sam and later asks Spinelli to be nice to Sam. Spinelli is of course contrite as Brenda privately thinks of her own child that she gave up for adoption.

Carly and Josslyn happily greet Jax, who is back from a business trip. Carly runs out to do an errand, promising they will have a proper reunion when she returns. Alexis arrives and Jax admits he went to London to help Interpol get a new lead on the Balkan—and he didn't tell Carly. Uh-oh! Of course Carly finds out thanks to Brenda's big mouth when Carly stops by Jason's place.

Molly arrives at Dante's loft to visit Michael. She tells him that her therapy session went well and encourages him to schedule one. Michael is still reluctant to talk about his time in prison, but offers to walk Molly home. They bump into Abby, who looks both pleased and pained to see Michael. Molly embarrasses everyone by pleading with Abby to take Michael back. Abby gently explains that she can't be a good friend to Michael right now, which Molly doesn't believe. Michael nudges Molly; let's go! After they leave, Abby turns to see her ex-boyfriend Brandon. He wants to reunite with Abby, but when she tries to leave, he pulls her into an alley. Michael crosses through, having dropped Molly off at home. He hears Abby's cries and sees her pined to the wall by Brandon. Instead of immediately running to Abby's defense, he freezes. Will Michael be able to help Abby before it's too late?


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