Tuesday January 18, 2011

At Jason's penthouse Carly gets in Sam's face, upset that Sam introduced Michael to Abby. Jason leaps to Sam's defense; he thinks knowing Abby has helped Michael. To Carly's shock Jason even suggests that Carly stop fighting Michael about his friendship with Abby!

Meanwhile at Kelly's Michael is crushed when Abby says that she lied to him; she is a hooker and being around her could hurt his parole. Michael knows Abby is lying to him right now. She is not a prostitute! Abby struggles to maintain her lie; she says that Michael is a sweet kid and she played along with him because she didn't want to hurt him. Devastated Michael heads to Jason's place where Carly tries to talk to Michael again about Abby. Furious Michael yells at his mom to leave him alone. Carly refuses to leave, but Jason backs Michael up. Hurt Carly leaves. Michael turns to Jason; Carly doesn't know what happened in prison. She couldn't possibly understand. Jason makes Michael realize that Michael has to apologize to Carly, so Michael leaves. Jason then gets a phone call; it seems Mike, Sonny's dad, has gotten himself into some trouble with a loan shark.

Maxie visits Lulu at Dante's place where they discuss Dante and Brenda's wrongful death suit. Lulu isn't pleased when Maxie points out that this will make Dante spend even more time with Brenda. Theo arrives to speak with Dante and Maxie suggests he bring Lulu up to speed. Theo happily informs Lulu that Dante and Brenda's case hinges on keeping the first death a secret. Lulu struggles to cover her shock and hurt as she learns that Dante helped Brenda cover Aleksander's death when he guarded her in 2007.

Meanwhile Dante arrives at the mob restaurant where he tells Sonny that he knows the Balkan is still a huge threat to Brenda. He is here to try to convince his dad to postpone the wedding. Sonny assures Dante that all they need to do is beef up security. It should be fine. Later Jason arrives to tell Sonny that Mike is in serious trouble with a loan shark. Sonny realizes that Mike probably needs rehab and talks to Jason about getting Mike there. He also apologizes for not asking Jason to be his best man. Jason is fine with it, saying he has to give Brenda away. Jason probably would love to have nothing to do with this wedding, but it's a little late for that.

Dante returns home to a furious Lulu who confronts him about his involvement in Aleksander's death. What else is Dante not telling her? Dante apologizes, saying it wasn't his secret to tell. Lulu realizes that Dante's loyalty to Brenda is more important to him than their relationship. She tells Dante they are over and walks out!

Michael arrives at Carly's house where he apologizes for yelling at his mom, but asks her to leave Abby alone. No more threats or bribery, okay? Carly resists, but when she sees how upset Michael is, she agrees.

Abby arrives at Jason's place to talk to Michael where she admits she lied to Michael about her being a hooker. She couldn't think of another way to break up with him. After she leaves Jason blames himself for Michel's wrecked life. Sam tries to comfort Jason saying he's been there more for Michael than anyone else and we have to admit she is right about that.

Sonny sees Theo dining in the mob restaurant and joins him. He makes it clear that he doesn't want Brenda on the stand, but Theo tells Sonny that he has to get Brenda to testify. The entire case rests on Brenda's testimony!

Molly dozes and has a nightmare about the bus crash. She wakes up and Alexis is there concerned. Molly doesn't tell her mom about her dream, preferring to forget she even had it. Later Kristina arrives home where Molly asks if Kristina picked up her award at school. Kristina forgot and apologizes. When Molly asks Kristina to use her laptop, Kristina absentmindedly says that Molly can't. Molly flies into a rage and breaks a vase! Kristina yells at Molly, calling her a spaz as Molly sputters she has no idea why she did that. It's not like her to fly off the handle like that! When Alexis returns home, Kristina takes the blame for breaking the vase. Later Molly asks why Kristina did that and Kristina explains she owes Molly for all the times Molly has covered for her. No kidding, but what is happening to sweet Molly?


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