Tuesday January 25, 2011

At the Metro Court Carly offers to comp Shawn's room as a show of gratitude for helping Molly. Shawn declines, saying that Carly knows nothing about him. Carly smirks; she is not as gullible as Shawn thinks. Just ask anyone who has crossed her ... Theo arrives with some paperwork for Carly to sign. He brushes past Shawn and is rude to him, which angers Carly. Theo explains why he is here and that he is Brenda and Dante's lawyer. He is surprised when Carly doesn't jump on the "Brenda-is-awesome" bandwagon. She advises Theo to cash his check now because she is pretty sure Sonny and Brenda won't make it down the aisle -- and pay him for his services. Theo seems to admire Carly, but his admiration turns to annoyance when Carly insists she would rather deal with Diane directly when it comes to Sonny's legal stuff. Later we see Theo bump into Shawn on the street. Is Theo going to be rude to him again? Nope! It appears that Shawn is a mercenary for hire. Theo plans to hire him as an "investigator" on Brenda's case so that Shawn can help him avenge Aleksander's death, which probably means torturing or killing Brenda -- or both.

At Jake's Lucky continues to defend Dante to Lulu. Dante doesn't love Brenda; he loves Lulu! Lulu thinks Dante is a very convincing liar. Ethan enters, bummed that Maya is stalling their house hunting efforts. He believes the Spencer-unlucky-in-love curse has struck again. Lulu and Lucky toast to that and Lulu leaves. Maxie arrives and gets a call from Luke, who asks her if he can ship some diamonds to Crimson. She can use it in a photo shoot if she wants. Ethan glances at Lucky and breaks the news to Maxie that Luke is using her to smuggle illegal yet elusive diamonds into the United States. Maxie isn't sure she wants to help, but Ethan convinces her it's in her best interest.

Siobhan arrives and Lucky tries to talk to her. Siobhan demands that he leave her alone, but Lucky knows she is hiding something from him. Finally Siobhan blurts that she is afraid someone will die -- and it could be Lucky!

At Dante's loft Michael tells Dante he doesn't want to talk about what happened to him in prison. Dante promises to do whatever Michael wants and asks for some advice about Lulu. Michael suggests Dante tell her the truth. Yeah, that's a novel idea.

Lulu is at home crying when there is a knock on her door. It's Dante, wearing a tux with an invitation to the opera. Lulu declines as Dante explains he thought he loved Brenda, but realizes now it was a crush. He loves Lulu! Lulu reminds Dante that she no longer trusts him and asks him to leave.

Brandon pulls a gun on Jason and orders him to leave Abby alone. Jason effortlessly overtakes Brandon and warns him that if he messes with Abby again, Jason will mess him up. Brandon scampers away as Abby thanks Jason. She also points out that this is why she can't be friends with Michael. Her life isn't safe for him. Jason is sorry to hear that; he thinks Abby has been a good influence on Michael. Later Jason returns home to Sam who compares Abby and Michael's situation to hers and Jason's. This is why she and Jason decided it was for the best when they learned Sam couldn't have children. Jason is surprised when Sam brings up the baby she lost. Did something happen ... ?

Michael bumps into Abby and begs her to give them a second chance. Abby tearfully admits she lied to Michael about being a hooker to protect him. She thinks her lifestyle will endanger his parole and runs away. Upset Michael heads to Jason's. Sam takes the opportunity to avoid Jason's question and leaves. Michael vents about Abby, but Jason assures him that this is for the best.

At the Lake House Molly tells Alexis about her encounter with Shawn. Alexis makes an appointment with a therapist as Molly researches post-traumatic stress disorder on the Internet. Alexis and Molly promise to be honest with each other and hug.

Carly meets with Spinelli and reveals that she obtained the documents about Dante and Brenda's baby another way. She burned the copy Spinelli gave her, so there is no proof that Spinelli was ever involved in this -- meaning Jason won't be angry with Spinelli when Carly ruins Sonny and Brenda's wedding!


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