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Friday July 16, 2010

Jason, Dante and Spinelli put together that Franco is committing murders and chronicling crime scenes in cities along Route 66, mirroring the song lyrics. They conclude his final destination must be Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Franco threatens Lulu that he may kill her on the spot to torture Dante. Now that Franco's clues are understood, Ronnie seizes the opportunity to take Jason back into custody and return him to Pentonville. Jason receives another crime photo from Franco of his toy monkey in a public plaza (The Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles).

Claire suggests Sonny walk away from the mob so he can have the relationship he wants with his kids. Sonny and Kristina connect when Sonny understands what she went through when Taylor inadvertently echoed her experience with Kiefer. Warren Bauer informs Alexis the wrongful death suit against her is in progress.

Lisa revels in every opportunity to put Patrick on the spot when he is with Robin. Despite taking medication to slow down the delivery, Liz has no option but to go into early labor.

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