Friday July 23, 2010

Jason and Dante go to Franco's art exhibit and try to find him. In between messages on the video screen, Jason and Franco have a stand-off, while the art-loving bystanders think it's all a performance.

Lulu makes a surprise appearance in L.A. to see Dante. She arrives just in time to see Jason catch up to Franco on the roof of the art center and seemingly push Franco to his death.

At GH, Lucky, Nikolas and Elizabeth realize it's Franco who has taken the baby. The brothers put their animosity behind them in order to come up with a strategy to rescue the boy.

Meanwhile, Warren opens fire at GH and shoots Ethan and Mac, both of whom lay bleeding on the floor. Warren is shot (and ultimately killed) before he can shoot Kristina. The GH staff scrambles to save Ethan and Mac, while Kristina, Maxie, and Robin worry for their respective loved ones.