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Thursday July 22, 2010

Dante and Jason arrive at MOCA gallery in search of clues to Franco's next move and meet Von Schlegal, Franco's art dealer. Franco spies on Jason and Dante as they uncover his Port Charles "art" in the LA warehouse. Dante warns Jason not to play into Franco's plan. Dante decides to arm Jason with a gun, taking yet another risk on his future.

Helena defends herself to Nik and Liz, swearing she did not kidnap their baby. Shirley convinces Maxie to take her to see Liz and Shirley passes away.

Franco delivers a message to General Hospital via television monitors. Michael attacks Warren and Lucky, Ethan and Mac break up the fight. Warren goes on a rampage in the hospital with a gun.

Tormented by guilt, Patrick wants to be honest but fears losing Robin if he admits he cheated.

Johnny breaks away from Brook's kiss and admits he is still in love with Olivia.

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