Tuesday July 27, 2010

Liz crumbles emotionally, fearing her child may be dead. Nikolas and Steve attempt to prop her up. Kristina blames herself for what happened to Ethan, while Maya continues to beat herself up for almost letting Ethan die.

Maxie shows Matt her gratitude by having sex with him in the supply closet. Patrick denies the possibility of a relationship with Lisa and Robin comes upon the two arguing.

Skye and Jax pose as a married couple in order to gain access to some computer files. Skye spins a sob story for the security guard, who ultimately permits her to hack into Fernanda's computer. In search of emotional support, Carly leaves a voicemail for Jax.

Claire commiserates with Alexis over her struggles with having a child by Sonny. Later, Claire proposes that Sonny sleep with her and give her a baby.


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