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Wednesday July 21,2010

Steve and Lucky decide to put the hospital in lockdown, requiring everyone to stay put while the police search room to room for Liz's baby. Lucky, Nik and Liz confront Helena, believing she is responsible.

Kristina arrives at the hospital after spraining her ankle at the tennis club. Warren lashes out at Kristina as she waits for care, demanding she release her medical history to him to clear his son's name.

During the hospital lockdown, Patrick is stuck with Carly, who admits she overheard his cheating predicament with Lisa.

Sonny wants to know what set Michael off, but Michael continues to evade the topic. Heartened by his progress with Kristina, Sonny wonders if he should be more proactive in helping Michael.

Skye and Jax are en route to Barcelona to track Lorenzo Alcazar's illegal fortune.

Brook subtly tries to undermine Olivia and kisses Johnny on the beach.


CATV 8 20100721 0200(8)

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