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Wednesday July 7, 2010

Maxie recounts details of Franco's visit and Jason, Dante and Spinelli try to find significance in the 66 roses he gave her. Franco tries to reassure his mother that his motives and actions are justified all in the name of his art. He believes he can shape reality through his greatest masterpiece. Franco visits Carly at the Metro Court Restaurant and acts creepy and threatening. Maxie and Dante tell Lulu that Franco has returned.

Sonny lies to Alexis, assuring her he did not plant the car bomb that almost killed their daughter. Claire tells Johnny there is no evidence linking Sonny to the car bomb. Johnny comes to Alexis' home and ends his relationship with Kristina. Olivia demands to know the truth from Sonny - did he try to kill Johnny? Sonny denies. Michael realizes Sonny planted the bomb that nearly killed Kristina, and Sonny asks his son to keep the secret

Robin expresses how much she missed Patrick, appreciating all that they share and apologizing for her behavior prior to her trip. He is tortured by guilt of having cheated with Lisa, but keeps mum about it.

Carly feigns casual at Jax and Skye's pretend love affair, but we see she's really upset by it and misses Jax.


CATV 8 20100707 0228(3)

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