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Thursday July 7, 2011 *Jasam Consider Marriage*

At Jason's penthouse Jason and Sam continue to dance around the awkward topic of marriage. Sam assumes Jason doesn't want to get married as Jason assumes the same of Sam. They finally ask each other what they want. Sam admits her track record isn't great and Jason says his last brush with marriage (marrying Brenda to protect her) was horrible. Sam wonders why they are even talking about marriage when neither of them have had great experiences? Jason thinks they shouldn't determine their future on past experiences and thinks they should do what they want to do. Later Sam bumps into Maxie at Kelly's and tells her about her marriage talk with Jason. Maxie thinks they should go for it; if Sam really wants to get married, then she should be honest with Jason.

At Jax's office Carly blurts that she will stop at nothing to make sure she keeps her daughter as Grace, the mediator, struggles to hide her shock. Jax is pleased that Carly is totally blowing the negotiation, but is surprised when Sonny bursts into the room. Sonny makes a huge scene and even asks Grace to leave. He orders Jax to drop the custody suite -- or lose everything he owns. Jax grins; thanks to Sonny's lack of self-control, he pretty much just handed Josslyn's custody to him on a silver platter.

Alexis arrives at Sonny's house to talk to Brenda about Josslyn's custody case. Alexis asks if Brenda truly intends to testify that Sonny's life is dangerous -- when she is raising her son with him. Brenda points out that if she does, she will effectively destroy her marriage. They discuss Jax's blind determination to get full custody of Josslyn and how his ruthlessness is getting out of control. Alexis is clearly torn about helping her BFF.

Carly pays Alexis a visit and while the two are not bosom buddies, Carly appeals to Alexis, mother to mother. They both have children with Sonny, so Alexis can understand where Carly is coming from. Can Alexis please not help Jax take Josslyn away from her? Upset Alexis promises to think about it. Later Alexis makes up her mind and goes to tell Jax that she quits as his lawyer. Jax resists, but eventually accepts her resignation and tells her that they are still BFF's.

At Johnny's penthouse Anthony reveals his plan to kill Sonny's family; that would surely push Sonny over the edge. His first target will be Brenda. Johnny thinks it's an inspired idea, but orders Anthony to stay away from the women and children. Naturally Anthony disagrees and goes ahead with an order, "Just like they discussed." Johnny is very troubled to return home to find Anthony opening champagne and wanting to celebrate.

Brenda and Alec climb into Sonny's limo after a fun day in the park when gunfire erupts! Luckily no one is hurt and the gunfire was aimed below the window level. Later Jason and Sonny determine that someone intentionally missed Brenda and wanted to send Sonny a message. Brenda flips out when Sonny says she wasn't in any real danger. She screams that those were very real bullets -- aimed at her son!

Carly arrives at Jason's place where he tells her what happened to Brenda, adding that there is no way now to prove that Sonny's life is NOT dangerous.

Ethan arrives to Kristina at the docks where he shares some hard truths with her. He busts her for playing games with him and warns her again that Anthony is a real threat to her life. He could target Sonny through her, so Kristina needs to stop trying to get Ethan's attention by putting herself in dangerous situations! He reminds her again that she is too young for him. Upset Kristina informs Ethan that she will not live her life in fear nor will she live her life the way Sonny dictates. Ethan reminds Kristina that he pissed Sonny and Anthony off by defending Kristina, which means Ethan's life could be in danger if he dates her! To put the nail in the coffin, Ethan says he is not the man for her and is interested in Abby. Kristina knows he is lying and refuses to let him push her away

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