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Friday July 6, 2012 *The McBam Kiss*

Should I or Shouldn't I make caps today, Due to the McBam Kiss, I wanna stress right now that you DO NOT BASH the McBam Scene today, I'm not loooking for it either but RESPECT the people that Like the, I will Delete this if I hear it Soo Best think.

Sam finds McBain on the dock ... drunk. They discuss Theresa, and in a moment of mutual pain, they kiss under the fireworks. Meanwhile, Sonny counsels Jason to fight for Sam and win her back.

Starr and Michael play tennis, eat BBQ and fall into the lake. Later, they kiss under the fireworks, violating their "just friends" policy.

Anna and Spinelli share notes on Heather, and later, Anna closes in on the garden shack with cops and dogs. Will she find Luke?

Meanwhile, Heather tries to feed Luke, hoping to nurse romance -- and brags about her latest victories. Luke tries to pull a fast one via a letter, but Heather wises up.

Patrick has a traumatic moment with Emma, turning to pills to sooth his pain. Maxie and Lulu arrive skeptical -- and Lulu demands to speak with Patrick on the matter.

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