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Monday July 2, 2012 *Joe Scully Jr first day*

Due to wildfire here in reno GH will come up short CAPS bare with me.

A step ahead, McBain arranges for Jason to be delayed by TSA. McBain finds Joe Scully, Jr., and the men showdown over the death of Theresa. McBain ends up in a sticky situation – and Jason gets the upper hand with both Joe and McBain.

Heather notches another victory in her subterfuge with Todd.

Sonny and Kate bring Olivia up to speed with Kate's arraignment and the origin of Connie. Later, Sonny soothes Kate, privately aware Jason has Joe, Jr.

Michael and Starr find her apartment in total disarray, courtesy of Trey. Starr takes drastic action, leading her and Michael to a near kiss. They are both sensitive to each other's loss and agree to remain friends. But EOD, can they deny their feelings?

Kristina flirts with Trey, and she impulsively kisses him. But he has hesitations.

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