Tuesday June 1, 2010

Sam explains to Jason that the couple was denied a conjugal visit because she is not legally his wife. She even gingerly approaches the idea of her and Jason getting married. Meanwhile, Jason continues to train Michael in self-defense, but he feels guilty about not being able to protect Michael sooner in jail and from the larger consequences of being in the mob.

Dante and Brook cook up dinner and banter about old neighborhood things. Dante clearly enjoys Brook's cooking, and when Lulu arrives home after successfully convincing Carly to hire Brook, all three enjoy the delicious meal. But when Brook goes home, Dante and Lulu have sex.

Claire overhears Sonny tell Olivia he wants Johnny dead. She asks Olivia if she'd like to testify to that in court, but Olivia declines to play along. Carly walks in on Sonny and Claire arguing/flirting. Carly tells Sonny he should do whatever it takes to free Michael, and if that means seducing Claire, he'd better get a move on.

Maxie still wants to seduce Matt in order to spark Spinelli out of his funk. But Matt brushes her off and instead flirts with Maya right in front of her.

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