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Wednesday June 2, 2010

Kristina has a nightmare that Kiefer is in her room and about to beat her. Alexis asks Sonny to attend therapy with Kristina, even though what Kristina says may be upsetting to him. Meanwhile, Kristina invites Johnny over to find out whether or not Sonny abused Claudia.

Sonny tells Diane about his deal with Claire to bust Johnny. Diane warns Sonny that without Jason he is not in the position to take down Johnny. Claire tries to strike a deal with Johnny to convict Sonny.

Luke and Tracy are still locked up and squabbling. Luke hatches a an escape plan that involves yelling to the guard that Tracy is sick. It turns out that Tracy IS sick, and Luke's concern for her well-being grows.

Shirley tries to argue Nikolas's side, but Elizabeth maintains that she requires boundaries with Nik.

Robin agrees to volunteer in Africa for 3 weeks without consulting Patrick. Maxie confides in Robin that she can't stop thinking about Matt. Matt delights in the fact he is getting under Maxie's skin.

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