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Monday June 6, 2011

At Sonny's house Brenda happily suggests that Jason take over Sonny's business. This will allow Sonny to protect his kids. Since Jason doesn't have any, this is the perfect solution! Jason glances at Sonny and murmurs that this is up to Sonny and wisely leaves. Sonny turns to Brenda; the last time he tried to retire, Michael was shot. He feels staying in the mob is the only -- yet perverse -- way to protect his family. He knows it's not perfect, but it is all he knows. Brenda softens, vowing to stick by Sonny and they fall into bed. Later Brenda melts as Sonny confesses that being with her is his idea of a perfect world.

Kristina finds Ethan sitting outside of Kelly's giving out money. What is he doing? Ethan says he won big, but is too upset to keep the money. It reminds him of Luke; now that Luke is gone, the whole family is worried about where he went, etc. Kristina offers to buy Ethan breakfast to cheer him up, but when Ethan gets a text from Maya, he decides to visit her. Ethan heads to Philadelphia where he pauses outside of Maya's door. He overhears her leaving a message for him, explaining she is not sure how much longer her family needs her and that she hopes he is okay. Ethan opens the door to tell Maya that is he fine, but that all changes when Ethan finds Maya naked in bed with another man!

At the Metro Court Jax rubs his jaw after Shawn punches him. Carly steps between them as Jax vows to use Shawn's assault as more proof that Josslyn shouldn't live with Carly. Carly angrily argues that this custody case is getting uglier and uglier. Despite everything she wants joint custody because she feels that is the best thing for Josslyn. Carly storms out and chases after Shawn. She asks him what really happened in Afghanistan; did he really mean to kill his fellow marines? Shawn explains he didn't know he was shooting at his fellow men. He was following orders. Afterwards the government covered it up and Shawn was discharged. That was when he became a mercenary for hire.

At the Haunted Star Dante listens as Lulu tells him about her plans to renovate the casino. She feels it's the best way to lure Luke home. Lucky arrives and disagrees, which sparks a huge fight between the siblings. Dante leaves as Lulu criticizes Lucky's 12-step program approach to Luke as Lucky insists that Lulu can't fix everything. Buying the Haunted Star is not the answer. Lulu urges Lucky to find Luke, but Lucky tries to convince her that Luke has a disease. Upset Lulu takes out a bottle of Scotch, pours some into a glass and downs it while glaring at her brother. Shaken Lucky heads home where he tells Siobhan that he needs to look for his father for his family's sake. Siobhan grabs a bag; he can't do this alone. She is coming, too.

Dante goes to the mob restaurant where he asks Jason to forgive Luke; it will not only help Luke heal, but the family, too. Jason shakes his head. He can't forgive Luke because he does blame his drinking for Jake's death. Dante compares Jason's insistence on staying with the mob to Luke's drinking; Jason isn't much better than Luke! Later Carly arrives and Jason tells her what Dante said. He realizes that while Carly has also credited Jason for saving her, he may be the one who costs her custody of Josslyn.

Dante returns to the Haunted Star where he finds hysterical Lulu drinking. She toasts to the end of her family and is about to pour herself another glass when Dante gently takes her into his arms. He calms her down and convinces her to dance with him to distract her.


CATV 8 20110606 1401(15)

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Uploaded: June 06, 2011