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Thursday June 9, 2011

Carly and Alexis arrive at the mob restaurant to talk about Michael and Kristina's graduation. Sonny would like to throw a joint party at his place and after much discussion (otherwise known as bickering), they all agree to have it at Alexis's house. After Alexis leaves, Sonny asks Carly to stay. He wants to talk about Michael's future, but Carly ends up reminding Sonny that he owes her for helping bring Alec home.

Michael is livid to find Anthony in Abby's apartment. What is he doing here? Anthony explains he came to offer a job to Abby, but Michael replies that Abby would be crazy to work with the lawyer who got Brandon out of jail. After Anthony leaves, Abby vents about Anthony. He is so twisted; is that the life that Michael really wants for himself? Michael swears he will never be like Anthony, which leads to Abby admitting that she misses him. She realizes she was wrong to give him an ultimatum and says she accepts him for who he is. Michael admits he misses Abby, too, and they kiss.

Ethan is slumped in his seat, waiting for the airplane to take off when Kristina slides into the seat beside him. He stares at her. What is she doing here? Kristina announces she plans to accompany him to the Dominican Republic to help him secure his divorce from Maya. Angry Ethan reminds Kristina that she could get in a lot of trouble with her parents, but Kristina assures him that she has a great cover story. Later when they arrive at their hotel, they learn that all the offices are closed due to a holiday, which means Ethan can't get his divorce as quickly as he would like. Kristina urges Ethan to make the best of it. Let's have some fun while they are here!

Meanwhile Alexis joins Molly at Kelly's where she finds Molly leaving a message for Kristina and a web page about the Dominican Republic on her laptop. Molly tries to explain that Kristina is helping Ethan get a divorce, but Alexis misunderstands and flies out the door. She heads to Sonny's restaurant where she tells him that Kristina flew to the Dominican Republic to marry Ethan!

At Johnny's penthouse Lisa holds Johnny's gun to her chest. If he isn't going to help her, then shoot her! She would rather die than return to Shadybrook. Johnny lowers the gun and pulls out his phone. He is going to turn her in. Lisa pleads with Johnny until Johnny reluctantly agrees to give her some money and a passport to leave the country. Later Anthony returns home to find Lisa. He tells her it's a shame that she has to leave the country because he can help her seek revenge on Robin and Patrick. Lisa allows Anthony to take her to his secret getaway where she thanks him for giving her the space to do what she needs to do.

At the hospital Robin is talking to Elizabeth when Patrick joins them. He asks if Elizabeth has started the research on their project yet. Robin awkwardly explains that she assigned it to someone else as Elizabeth apologizes again for her earlier outburst. She hopes they don't think she needs time off because work is the only thing keeping her sane right now.

Meanwhile Steve and Olivia are at Elizabeth's house packing up Jake's toys and clothes. Olivia admires what a good brother Steve is to Elizabeth as Steve struggles to maintain his composure when he finds a toy dinosaur that he gave to his nephew. Elizabeth returns and flies into a rage. She apparently forgot that she had asked Steve to do this for her. Elizabeth kicks them out of the house and bursts into tears looking at Jake's things. Later Olivia returns and gently reminds Elizabeth that she had asked Steve to pack Jake's belongings. Mortified Elizabeth realizes that Olivia is right and she admits she feels like she is losing her mind.

Steve heads to the hospital where he tells Robin what happened with Elizabeth. Robin urges him to go easy on his sister. Meanwhile Johnny arrives to Patrick to tell him that Lisa contacted him, but she called from Canada. Robin looks smug; see she was right when she said that Lisa is out of the country!


CATV 8 20110609 1401(19)

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Uploaded: June 09, 2011