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thursday June 14, 2012

Under pressure from McBain, Sonny reveals the story about what happened in Atlantic City that caused the death of McBain's sister, Theresa - turns out it was Joe Scully, Jr that killed her. John starts investigating Joe Jr's whereabouts.

Kate, regressed into Connie, reveals to Ewen the incident that caused Kate's DID - she was raped by Joe Scully, Jr and got pregnant. Ewen wonders what happened to the baby.

Johnny fights off the ghost of Anthony, who seemingly still has power over him. Carly supports Johnny.

Dante reacts badly when he hears Lulu is partnering with Johnny at the Haunted Star.

Tracy takes some guff from Edward over Luke and Anthony, and later confides to Alice just how much she loves Luke. Meanwhile, Luke and Anna end up kissing.

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