Thursday June 21, 2012 *Jason Turns To Liz*

Not a fan at all of Jiz/liason but Forwarning this isn't about who on today DO NOT BASH Liason Nor Jasam I see it I will pull the pics off and Soo Watch it..

Hoping to take their mind off their respective relationship troubles, Sam and Spinelli discuss the investigation into Heather. Meanwhile, Jason gets some emotional support from Liz, and Liz is left feeling troubled even when Ewen arrives for their dinner date.

With Ewen's help, Kate remembers everything Connie did -- except for shooting out Anthony's tires. Sonny stands by Kate, but she feels she must turn herself in.

Josslyn interrupts Carly and Johnny's romantic evening. Later, Johnny is haunted by thoughts of Hope Manning.

Anna holds a PCPD meeting believing there is a dirty cop in their midst. Delores comes forward, but Anna decides to exploit her relationship with Johnny. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu agree to tell Anna about Anthony and Luke.

Luke is caught off guard by Heather, who shares what lengths she has gone through to move Anthony's body. Later, Heather knocks Luke out.


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Uploaded: June 21, 2012