Tuesday June 19, 2012 *Jason Begs For Sam Forgivness*

Jason apologizes for his behavior, telling Sam how much he wishes things had been different. He asks her to come home, but Sam declines despite how much she loves him.

Heather dangles the secret she holds over Todd, and he buckles by giving her a job. Meanwhile, Spinelli updates Olivia on Heather's mysterious "husband."

Lulu and Johnny get started on revamping the Haunted Star, and they discuss Dante and Maxie's disapproval at their partnership.

While Luke is certain he wants a relationship with Anna, she has reservations. Anna demands Luke be honest with Tracy, and as they kiss on it, Heather looms in the hall.

Maxie puts up an ad for a roommate - and gets more than she bargained for. Later, she lets Starr AND Tre have the apartment.

Michael presses Kristina about the wisdom of the reality show, getting her to admit her crush on Tre. Elsewhere, Star hass a successful singing session with Johnny.


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