Tuesday June 26, 2012 *Steve End up worring Liz is Falling for jason again*

Sam and Spinelli continue to investigate Heather's connection to Todd. Meanwhile, Heather demands Todd fire Diane and give her the gossip column. Later, Heather and Todd face off as Sam and Spinelli listen at the door.

Steve questions Liz's relationship with Ewen – and gets worried when she brings up Jason. Later, Liz bumps into Jason.

Sonny fills in Jason on Kate's terrible past of being raped by Joe Scully, Jr. Meanwhile, Kate confesses at PCPD. Later, Dante books Kate as Sonny goes along in support.

Anna hopes for a missed call/text from Luke, but waits with disappointment.

Maxie makes herself comfortable at the Drake house, and Patrick freaks out when she wears Robin's robe. As Maxie and Emma play house together, we realize that Patrick is self-medicating.


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