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Tuesday March 2, 2010

Carly clashes with Jax over her desire to keep Sonny out of prison at any cost and his wish of seeing him behind bars. Jax is surprised when Carly has the Metro Court restaurant cleared out, and they're soon lost in the throes of passion. After making love, Jax faces a dilemma when Carly points out all they have and all he could lose.

Sonny is optimistic that Dante lied on the stand to protect him. Later, he has a heart-to-heart talk with Michael, making it clear he wants to take the rap for him.

Jason warns Johnny and Ethan not to make any more moves against Sonny or there could be deadly consequences. Luke finds himself in a bind when Jason asks him to rein Ethan in. Dante and Lulu are poised to make love for the first time but he ends up falling asleep.

Nikolas gets onboard when Lucky tries to convince Elizabeth to wait to take a paternity test but she decides to stick with her decision to have the test taken the following day as planned. Lisa doesn't like the changes she sees in Patrick when Robin's around. Kiefer pleads with Kristina to take him back.


CATV 8 20100302 0252(2)

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Uploaded: March 02, 2010
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