Friday March 11, 2011 *Japan Tsunami Hit*

Dante and Jason find themselves at an impasse with Theo as he uses Suzanne as a shield and announces that while they have all the time in the world to negotiate, unfortunately, Brenda does not. So if they want to save Brenda, they will let Theo and Suzanne pass. Meanwhile Sonny tries to revive Brenda, but she remains unresponsive. Unable to get cell phone reception, Sonny carries Brenda out. He reluctantly orders Jason and Dante to let Theo go after Theo reveals he gave Brenda a neurotoxin—and she has less than one hour to live. After Theo and his men leave, Dante arranges for a helicopter to airlift Brenda to General Hospital as Sonny pleads with her to hang on…

Patrick and Robin are startled when Johnny and Lisa catch them red-handed in Johnny's penthouse. When Johnny demands to know what is going on, Patrick admits that they broke in to look for Lisa's syringe—the one she was going to use to drug Robin. Why is Johnny hell bent on protecting this psycho? To everyone's surprise Johnny rips into Robin, saying this is all her fault. She needs to stop blaming Lisa for her deteriorating marriage! Offended Patrick and Robin leave as Lisa turns to Johnny. She is surprised he defended her like that, but soon realizes it's because of Claudia. Johnny couldn't save his sister, so he's determined to save Lisa. Johnny vehemently denies it and kicks Lisa out.

At Kelly's Matt and Maxie hope for the best for Robin and Patrick. Matt thinks that Patrick has done enough penance for his mistake. Maxie thinks if Robin and Patrick can't make it, then who can? Matt begs to differ; he thinks Robin and Patrick prove that you have to take a chance on love. Maxie smiles and leans over to kiss Matt. Contrary to popular belief, she does have genuine feelings for him! Later they head to Maxie's place where Maxie grills Matt on his romantic past. In return Maxie reveals how she wrecked Lucky and Elizabeth's marriage. Matt assures her that he doesn't see her as psychotic, but smart, devious to keep things interesting and sexier than hell.

Robin and Patrick return to the hospital where they are informed that Brenda has been found—but she is barely breathing and being transported to General Hospital as they speak. Sonny arrives with Brenda and pleads with the doctors to save his wife. Patrick and Robin realize they need to identify the neurotoxin in Brenda's system in order to give her the correct antidote. Patrick tells Sonny that they don't have the right antidote, but eventually picks one and gives it to Brenda, but it appears to make very little difference…

Back at the Balkan's lair, Dante and Jason comb through Theo's study looking for clues as to where Theo could have gone. Dante insists on apprehending Theo, but Jason wants to kill the guy. Jason argues that if Theo is arrested, then Theo will reveal that Dante helped cover up Aleksander's murder and could go to jail. If that happens, then Michael could also return to prison since Dante is his guardian. Dante doubts that will happen to Michael, but we all know Dante has been wrong before. Dante finds a receipt to a nearby private airstrip and the men race to the tarmac where they find Theo and Suzanne in a helicopter. Dante and Jason open fire on Theo's remaining thugs, taking them out. As Jason aims at the helicopter, Dante orders him to stop. It could crash and kill everyone on board! Jason doesn't flinch as he answers, "You're right" and fires!

Michael arrives at Kelly's where he tells Kristina he has a date with Abby tonight. Miffed Kristina tells Michael again that Abby is too old for him, blah blah. Michael is offended and takes off with Abby, but not before Kristina overhears that Michael intends to go back to Abby's place with her. Kristina gets an idea and goes to see Carly to tell her that Michael is with Abby right now and probably plans to sleep with her! Hm, there's nothing like a pesky little sister to ruin a good date.

Michael is a little nervous to be at Abby's place (which is huge and nice; stripping pays really well!). Both Abby and Michael are excited and hesitant, but finally admit they are each other's safe place. Aw.

Earlier Jax tells Carly that Josslyn is still sick. He is fine with Carly visiting Josslyn at his hotel suite, but refuses to let Carly bring Josslyn home until Carly can guarantee that it's a safe place. Furious Carly vents to Luke about Jax's rigid behavior. Sure she took a mercenary into her home to treat his gunshot wound, but that isn't the same as putting Josslyn in danger! Jax reminds Carly that his track record is a lot cleaner than his, meaning if she wants to fight him on this, she will lose. So Carly meets with Luke to ask her dear uncle to help her get leverage on Jax. Luke agrees, but makes sure that Carly knows that she owes him—big time.