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Friday March 25, 2011(OMG Luke Hit Jake)

Jason stares at Carly as Carly cries that she may have been the one who killed Jake. She swears that if it is her, she will do anything to make it right. Jason takes a deep breath and asks if Carly remembers any loud noises on her drive to the hospital. Carly shakes her head. Jason says that he knows Jake's death was an accident. It's no one's fault. Carly bursts into new tears as she acknowledges Jason's compassion. He always believes the best of her even when she doesn't deserve it!

Lucky arrives to Lulu and Luke at the Haunted Star. When Luke tells him that Carly is on the list of suspects that might have hit Jake, Lucky flies into a rage. He vents that Carly is so self-absorbed that she wouldn't have noticed hitting a child. Her life is a series of accidents so that she doesn't have to take responsibility for any of her actions! Luke and Lulu remind Lucky that Jake's death was a terrible accident and they don't know anything for sure yet, but Lucky refuses to listen. Luke gets in Lucky's face; he knows Lucky's pain, but Cowboy, you gotta slow down!

At the police station Mac tells Dante that they traced the mystery car to Theo. A cop enters with the latest car forensics results; they found the car that that hit Jake. So is it Carly? Nope! Carly is enormously relieved when Dante calls her to say her car is clean. So how did her car get those dent marks? Apparently Carly hit something that sounds like a planter, but we're not sure. Maybe she means a pole or something. Later, Lucky arrives at the police station where Dante gives him the bad news; he knows who hit Jake. Lucky, who has been quietly steaming, goes scary quiet as he reads the forensics results and accident report. He assures Dante he wants to handle this and leaves.

Luke arrives at the hospital to warn Michael that Lucky is on the warpath and heading straight for Carly. Michael, who was watching Josslyn sleep, understands when Luke says that Carly should just take whatever grief Lucky throws at her. Carly arrives and happily announces that she wasn't the driver of Jake's hit and run. Luke is also relieved and heads out.

Michael surprises Abby with a visit where he gets emotional talking about Josslyn's survival and Jake's death. He admits he doesn't know how to feel about how his nephew's death saved his sister; he also took his mom's car and drove it into a wall to cover up if Carly ended up being the hit and run driver. Messed up, right? Michael is affected by his earlier conversation with Steve, who mentioned that Jake could have grown up to look like Michael. Michael says that he could have died when he got shot in the head; why did he survive and Jake didn't? When Abby urges Michael to focus on the positives, Michael focuses on her. They kiss and soon they are having awkward conversations about HIV (they are both negative) as they walk to Abby's bedroom.

Elizabeth returns from tucking the boys into bed to find Nikolas tidying up her living room. Nikolas apologizes if he overstepped his boundaries by telling Cameron that Jake went to Heaven. Elizabeth assures Nikolas that is fine; she will have to find a way to convince Cameron that Jake won't be coming back. Nikolas suggests that Cameron and Spencer spend more time together as a way to help them heal from losing Jake. Elizabeth agrees that is a great idea, but admits she is at a loss. She doesn't know what to do now. With tears in his eyes Nikolas wishes he could make this better for her. Later Jason arrives to return Jake's toy motorcycle. As Elizabeth cradles the toy, she apologizes for what she had said to Jason in the hospital when he asked her to donate Jake's kidneys to Josslyn. She knows Jason loved Jake and is sorry they never had a chance to get to know one another. Elizabeth says that she so enjoyed watching Jake grow into a smart boy; he was even beginning to recognize all of his letters! She still blames herself for not locking the front door. Jason assures her that she is a good mom and thanks her again for letting her spend time with Jake on the night of the bus crash. Jake was happy and knew he was loved. For that, Jason will always be grateful to Elizabeth. Their lovely conversation is cut short when Dante calls and asks Jason to come to the police station ASAP

At the hospital Carly is looking at picture books with Josslyn when she gets a video message. It's from Franco, who feels awful for what happened and is to blame. From now on he will keep a very close watch on them. Creepy!

Luke returns to the Haunted Star to find Lucky waiting for him. He chides Lucky for being so hard on Carly, but stops when he sees the stone cold expression on Lucky's face. Horror crosses Luke's face as he realizes that Carly didn't hit Jake. He did! Stunned he says he never ran a light ... he is a good driver ... he never saw Jake! Luke hyperventilates and pours himself a drink as Lucky grabs him. Dad, are you drinking?

Jason arrives at the police station where Dante tells him that Luke is the driver who hit Jake. Meanwhile Elizabeth opens her door to find a somber Lulu hoping to make amends -- per Nikolas's urging--and offer some comfort to her former sister-in-law.

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