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Thursday March 24, 2011

At the police station Dante gives Mac an update on the investigation of Jake's hit and run. The last four remaining suspects are Luke, Carly, Lisa and a mystery car with tinted windows and forged plates.

Patrick visits Johnny to yell at him for sending Robin and Lisa on his stupid treasure hunt. Because of Johnny, a kid is dead! As Johnny scratches his head in confusion, Patrick explains that Lisa probably killed Jake in her haste to chase after Robin. Patrick hopes Johnny is charged as an accessory to murder, punches him and leaves. Meanwhile Robin confronts Lisa at the hospital. She knows Lisa stole the syringe from Robin's locker; was this worth a little boy's life? Of course Lisa thinks Robin is talking nonsense until Robin explains that she thinks Lisa is the one who hit Jake and ran. Robin also adds that she and Patrick have gotten back together, so all of Lisa's antics have been for naught. Upset Lisa pockets a scalpel as Mac arrives. Mac tells Lisa she has been cleared in Jake's death, but will be charged with reckless driving. Patrick approaches and makes it clear once again that he doesn't want her and nothing she can do will change his opinion of her. Later Lisa is looking at a photo of Robin in a pamphlet about General Hospital's AIDS wing when she hears Robin and Patrick leaving to take a walk with Emma. Angry Lisa grabs her scalpel and slashes the photo of Robin. Crazy!

In the hospital garage Michael stares at the dent on Carly's car in disbelief. Did his mom kill Jake? Steve approaches and tells Michael that he is happy that Josslyn is doing well. He notes the resemblance between Michael, Jason and Jake; looking at Michael is like looking at Jake years from now -- had Jake lived. Michael swallows his guilt and climbs into Carly's car, determined to protect his mother if she is indeed the one who hit Jake.

Upstairs in the hospital Carly freaks out when Luke says she is on the list of potential drivers who hit Jake. She admits she was so worried about Josslyn that she didn't pay attention to the road. Dante arrives and after looking at Luke and Carly's faces, he realizes that Lulu told them that they are suspects in Jake's hit and run. Carly has nothing to hide and urges Dante to have her car checked. So Dante heads to the garage where he sees that Carly's car is missing. He puts an APB out on the car and returns to the police station where Lulu admits she told Luke and Carly about the suspect list. She's sorry and knows Dante could've gotten fired, but she felt like she had to tell her dad and cousin. After Lulu leaves, Mac mentions that Michael was here earlier. Dante finds that suspicious and call his little brother. Where is he? Michael admits he took Carly's car to run an errand, but got into a fender bender. Dante later finds Michael and Carly's dented car in an alley. Furious he confronts Michael; he intentionally got into an accident to destroy any evidence that could link Carly to Jake's accident!

Jason returns home after driving on his motorcycle all night. Sam asks if Jason would like some privacy, but Jason asks her to stay. He tells her that he was tempted to just disappear, but couldn't leave her. Spinelli arrives to give Jason his condolences and offers to help Jason catch Jake's killer, but Jason is too grief stricken to think about it. He is actually content to let the police handle the case. Sam tells Spinelli that his book arrived today. When Spinelli says it doesn't matter in light of Jake's death, Jason urges Spinelli to focus on it. It would mean a lot to him. After Sam and Spinelli leave, Jason places Jake's toy motorcycle on his fireplace mantel where he stares at it for awhile. Later Carly arrives to thank him again for saving Josslyn's life -- and to admit that she could have been the one who killed Jake.

Lulu heads to the Haunted Star where she tells Luke that she doesn't think Carly would cover up the fact that she hit Jake -- if she ends up being the culprit. Luke shakes his head; how does someone survive the guilt of killing a child?

Olivia arrives at Elizabeth's place with some comfort food. Steve and Elizabeth thank her and Elizabeth asks her to tell Jax how happy she is that Josslyn is okay. After Olivia leaves, Elizabeth tells her brother that she has a dream where Jake was outside and calling for her. When she woke up, she thought Jake was alive for a brief second before reality hit her. Elizabeth begins to pick up some toys as she says she can't leave Jake's room the way it is. It's killing her. Steve urges her to take some time as Nikolas returns with Cameron and Aidan. Aidan is crying as if he knows how upset his mom is. Cameron seems to understand that Jake is dead, but when he asks if Jake can ride Spencer's new pony when he gets back from Heaven, Elizabeth loses it.


CATV 8 20110324 1402(13)

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Uploaded: March 24, 2011