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Tuesday March 1, 2011

At the hospital Sam looks at Jason confused as he talks to her. His lips are moving, but there is no sound. She can't hear him! Jason grabs Robin and Patrick and they bring a dry erase board to ask Sam questions: Is she in pain? (No.) Is she dizzy? (Yes.) Patrick goes to call a hearing specialist; this hearing loss can be temporary. Robin tells Jason only time will tell.

Suzanne approaches Alexis in the waiting area with a cup of coffee. She introduces herself and gives Alexis some encouraging words RE: Sam. Alexis thanks her and heads to Sam's room where she learns of Sam's hearing loss. Naturally she is upset but maintains a positive attitude when Patrick reviews Sam's test results with her later. Meanwhile Robin lets her guard down with Patrick; she can't stop worrying about Brenda and fears that Sam's hearing loss could be permanent. She feels awful for being relieved it was Sam on that stretcher not Brenda. Patrick asks to take Robin home and she agrees, saying his actions today reminded her of why she loves him. She wants to forgive him, she really does, but can't -- not just yet.

At the police station Dante fills Lucky in on Brenda and Sam. Lucky tells Dante about his and Siobhan's rescue mission and that Balkan is married. Dante gasps. There is a Mrs. Balkan?

Michael and Morgan arrive home to find the driveway blocked. Fearing that the Balkan went after Carly, Michael orders Morgan to stay by the car while he rushes inside where they find Sonny and his men in the middle of interrogating/torturing Shawn while Carly protests. Of course Morgan doesn't listen and enters to hear Sonny arguing with Carly. Scared Morgan calls Dante to ask him for help while Michael and Carly try to convince Sonny to calm down. Dante arrives and quickly shuts Sonny down. Sonny leaves while Dante takes Shawn to the hospital. Shawn is grateful, but Dante reminds him that this doesn't mean he trusts him

Lucky also heads to the hospital where he updates Jason on the search for the Balkan and Brenda. Jason is grateful to Lucky, who urges him to stay with Sam. He blames himself for sending Sam straight into Theo's trap. As Lucky reveals that the Balkan is married, Suzanne lurks nearby ... Lucky goes to interrogate Shawn, who admits it could be possible Theo is married, but he doesn't know for sure. Again Suzanne listens, the wheels turning in her head.

Michael returns to Morgan, who is outside by the car. Morgan is afraid that Sonny will be angry with him, but Michael assures him that he did the right thing. They head inside where Michael announces he wants to help Sonny find Brenda, but Carly urges him to reconsider. Michael doing that would be tantamount to throwing his life away; do Sonny a favor and choose a life that is completely different from his!

Sonny returns home to find Luke waiting for him. He vents about his family protecting Shawn, who is their only lead to Brenda's whereabouts. Luke sympathizes. Later Dante arrives. He knows Sonny is desperate, but threatening people is not the right way to find Brenda. Dante fears that Sonny will do something he may regret. He asks Sonny to let the police handle this, but Sonny insists on looking for the Balkan himself

At the Lake House Kristina joins Ethan in the living room. Molly finally fell asleep. She sits on the couch and Ethan puts his arm around her. He means it as a friendly comforting gesture, but Kristina can't help but interpret it to be something more. She reveals that although she is dating Taylor, she really likes Ethan. Ethan gently reminds Kristina that he is a married man; can he and Krissy be friends? Kristina agrees; friends -- for now! Later Kristina falls asleep on Ethan's shoulder and cries a little in her sleep. Ethan touches her arm to comfort her.

Jason returns to Sam's hospital room where Alexis is keeping vigil. Alexis asks Jason to take care of Sam as she leaves. Sam opens her eyes to find Jason there. Jason tries to write on the board, but Sam stops him. She can read him without a silly dry erase board. Jason looks at Sam, worried, and tells her that he loves her


CATV 8 20110301 1401(9)

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Uploaded: March 01, 2011