Wednesday March 16, 2011

At the hospital Elizabeth make arrangements for Aidan's paternity test results to be sent to her house. After she hangs up the phone, she turns to see Lucky there. She quickly covers, asking if Lucky is here to pick up the boys tonight. Lucky reluctantly admits that he can't; he and Siobhan are getting married tonight at City Hall. Annoyed Elizabeth explains she has to work tonight. As Siobhan arrives, Lucky suggests bringing the boys with him to his green card marriage, which makes Elizabeth explode. She accuses Lucky of neglecting their sons in favor of his exciting new girlfriend. Jealous much, Elizabeth?

Dante is on his way to visit Brenda when she runs into Lulu. He is happy to see her and tells her that he wants to Brenda. Lulu assures Dante that he doesn't have to get her permission to visit his new step-mom. Relieved Dante thanks her. After Dante heads to Brenda's room, Lulu overhears Elizabeth yelling at Lucky. Lulu goes into protective sister mode and intervenes. She reminds Elizabeth that she ditched Lucky and their sons to sleep with Nikolas. Touché!

In Brenda's hospital room Sonny tells Brenda that he plans to make up for all the time they missed. Brenda eyes Sonny; he's talking about revenge, isn't he? Sonny downplays, but Brenda knows him too well. Please let Theo and the need for revenge go! Dante arrives and tells Sonny he's not allowed to work with him anymore nor can he afford to turn a blind eye. Sonny gets it and orders Dante to go see Brenda. Brenda happily greets Dante; funny how she is his step-mom, huh? Dante smiles; he wishes her nothing but the best. Later Patrick tells Brenda she can go home. Sonny grabs a bag; let's go on their honeymoon! Brenda doesn't think it's a good idea, but Sonny convinces her that they need some time alone. That is the only thing that will make Brenda better!

Sam is also at the hospital getting a mostly clean bill of health. Patrick gives her a prescription to help with her dizziness and headaches. Steve approaches, asking where Lisa is. He then drags Patrick into his office where he vents about Robin and Lisa's antics. Steve is sick of it and warns Patrick that it has to stop. If it doesn't, heads will roll!

At the Metro Court Jax fumes as Carly tells him she planted stolen jewels in his safe. Either Jax returns to their original custody agreement or she reports him to Interpol. Agent Bates will be here any minute! Angry Jax informs Carly this makes him want to get full custody of the children more than ever!

In the hallway Alexis catches Luke and Ethan loitering outside of Jax's room. Unbeknownst to her, they narrowly avoided detection by climbing out of Jax's room and into another room via the balcony. Luke explains he is here to show Ethan his new digs, but Alexis remains suspicious. Agent Bates arrives and Luke ropes her into being his attorney. When Agent Bates knocks on Jax's door, Carly tries to cover saying this is all a huge misunderstanding. Alexis also tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting that Agent Bates turn a blind eye. What if the jewels exist and happen to be in an envelope waiting for Agent Bates by the front desk? Maybe Agent Bates can take the jewels and be on his merry way! Amazingly Agent Bates agrees despite the absurdity of the situation.

Jason holds Johnny at gunpoint at Johnny's penthouse. Johnny tells Jason that although he helped the Trujillo's with a favor to Theo, he never met Theo. However Theo did mention Paris ...

Robin and Lisa arrive at Johnny's penthouse, both displeased that Johnny asked them to meet him here. Robin gloats; this must mean that Johnny is ready to turn Lisa in! When Johnny arrives, he explains that the ladies are going on a treasure hunt for the syringe. Johnny has hidden the syringe in a public place. Robin and Lisa have to follow the clues; the first one to find the syringe gets to keep it! The scavenger hunt leads the girls to some unlikely places. Lisa heads to Steve's office where he catches her going through his desk. Angry Steve promptly fires Lisa. Meanwhile Robin lets herself into the Jacks house where Carly catches her. Robin tries to explain, but Carly throws her out.

At Kelly's Michael tells Abby he has to take care of a shipment for Jason and will be late for dinner. Abby is concerned, but doesn't stop Michael from leaving. She does go see Jason to express her concern, but she might be too late.

Lucky and Siobhan head to the Haunted Star where they discuss Elizabeth's outburst. Luke arrives and sees that Siobhan is dressed in blue and white. What is going on? When Lucky asks Luke to be their witness, Luke bristles. Hmm, we guess that's a no ...

Sam returns to Jason's penthouse where she assures Spinelli that she is fine. Spinelli wants to give her a smoothie full of herbs that should help cure her migraines, but Sam insists she needs to follow up on some leads on Theo. However as she leaves, she winces, holding her head in pain. Uh-oh ...

Dante bumps into Ronnie who says that he got a tip that Sonny is moving a shipment tonight. He heads to the pier where he catches Sonny's guys -- including Michael!


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