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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday March 1, 2012 *Patrick Tells Emma about robins Death*
Mar 1, 2012

Elizabeth goes to see Patrick and they grieve over Robin. With her help, Patrick tells Emma that Mom ...more

my has gone to heaven.

Mac tries to prevent Robert from seeing Robin's body in the morgue, but he does anyway. Robert imagines a bitter and resentful Robin speaking to him, as his guilty conscience is plaguing him for the years he's spent away from her. Alexis consoles Mac, and a grief-stricken Robert is at the brink.

Holly lets Luke and Ethan in on the con (Ethan is Luke's son), and Ethan grieves Cassandra. Elsewhere, Alexis and Shawn discuss TJ and Molly, and Shawn reveals his feelings for Carly.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday March 2, 2012 *Blair Cramer Comes to PC*
Mar 2, 2012

Blair Manning arrives at General Hospital to see Starr. She's highly emotional when she sees her dau ...more

ghter in the hospital bed, and she asks Michael to explain what happened.

Johnny agrees to hide Anthony as Dante looks for him at the Quartermaines'. After he leaves, Tracy has to break the news of Robin's death to Edward. Later, Dante discovers a gun underneath Kate's desk.

Carly races to Jason's hospital room, but Sam orders her to leave, lest Jason become agitated. Despite Sam's wishes, Carly is determined to tell recovering Jason about Robin.

Anna asks for Luke's help in finding Robert, as she's worried that he's going to hurt himself. Luke discovers a suicidal Robert on a bridge.

Sonny and Kate are officially back together. But later, we realize Kate is not Kate ... and she shows up ready to seduce Johnny Zacchara.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday March 5, 2012 *Todd Manning First Day*
Mar 5, 2012

Blair informs a hysterical Starr that Cole and Hope died in the car crash. Starr is inconsolable and ...more

at the end of the episode, Blair sees Todd Manning show up to see his daughter.

Sonny confronts Carly on her relationship with Johnny. Dante and Delores run a ballistic report on the gun he found in Kate's office. Meanwhile, Johnny realizes Kate is suffering from dissociative identity disorder and that he is talking to "Connie." Connie wants Johnny's help to break Sonny and Kate up for good.

As Matt consoles Elizabeth, Spinelli attempts to console mourning Maxie. Later, Anna asks Elizabeth to help her plan Robin's funeral, and Maxie has a flashback of kicking loose the gas line in Robin's lab.

Luke tries to talk Robert out of killing himself, but he won't be consoled. Desperate, Luke blurts out that Ethan is Robert's son.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday March 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012

Blair slaps Todd across the face, refusing him access to Starr. Seems in the last few months, Blair, ...more

Starr, and everyone in Llanview, PA learned that Todd murdered his brother Victor and lied to everyone about it. Blair can never forgive him, and she says Starr can't either. Blair breaks down about her daughter's loss, but she won't let Todd comfort her.

When Dante questions him, Sonny denies any involvement in the accident that claimed Cole and Hope, and Dante finds himself torn between good cop and grateful son. Eventually, Dante arrests Sonny for attempted murder.

Maxie comes to the horrific conclusion that she is responsible for Robin's death, by hitting the gas valve in the lab. Overwhelmed by guilt, Maxie buries herself in work instead of mourning.

Luke pulls out all the stops to keep Robert's grief from consuming him whole. Robert is bolstered by the idea that Ethan is his son, but what does this mean for Ethan? Meanwhile, Holly convinces her son to avoid finding Helena. But later, Luke tells Ethan to leave Port Charles.

Despite Anthony's urging, Johnny is reluctant to take up Connie's offer of sex in light of his feelings for Carly. Later, Kate returns to her old self -- but evidence of Connie remains.

After being denied access to Jason by Sam, Carly takes out her frustration on Alexis. Alexis is more concerned about how Carly's relationship with Jonny will affect Sonny. Carly informs Alexis that Sonny has been arrested

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday March 7, 2012 *Ethan Lovett Last Day*
Mar 7, 2012

Michael and Blair try in vain to help Starr deal with the loss of Cole and Hope. Michael ends up tel ...more

ling Starr that his father is Sonny Corinthos. Meanwhile, Todd gets acquainted with Carly, who agrees to give him a room at the Metro Court and sneak into Starr's hospital room.

Sonny remains in custody while Alexis, Dante, and Michael worry that he caused the accident that stole Starr's family.

Maxie almost confesses her guilt over Robin's death to Lulu, and she later breaks down in Mac's arms.

While Luke convinces Ethan into going on the run in order to give Robert a mission to live, Robert convinces Anna he has to leave Port Charles in search of his son.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday March 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012

With too much sorrow to stay angry with her father, Starr lets Todd comfort her when she wakes up wi ...more

th him by her side. Later, Starr mentions Sonny Corinthos to Todd, and he vows to make the man who hurt his family pay.

Determined to prove to Lulu and Delores that he can be objective, Dante questions Kate. Meanwhile, Lulu discovers that photo evidence has mysteriously gone missing.

Holly has second thoughts about lying to Robert about Ethan's paternity, and she wonders if Luke has thought about the long-term effects on him.

Anthony questions Johnny on his Connie hesitation. Meanwhile, Ewen drops by Crimson to offer Kate professional help. She tells him about her Bensonhurst past as Connie.

Carly poses as a nurse in an attempt to see Jason, but is busted by Epiphany.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday March 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012

Todd learns that Sonny is Carly's ex-husband and later, he confronts Sonny.

Starr confronts Mich ...more

ael on why he didn't tell her that his father killed her daughter.

After Dante's testimony, Sonny is charged with attempted murder/vehicular manslaughter, but Alexis gets him out on bail. Meanwhile, Kate professes Sonny's innocence -- but how did that gun get into the Crimson office? Later, Dante arrives back at PCPD to find Lulu accusing Delores about the missing evidence.

Over Maggie's protests, Steve insists Olivia deserves to know the truth. Finally, he confesses to her that he killed someone.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday March 12, 2012
Mar 12, 2012

Sonny and Todd get into a competition about who's more dangerous, but when Sonny tries to leave the ...more

courtroom, Todd draws a gun. Meanwhile, Carly and Blair realize they share a common bond: scary ex-husbands. They drink and swap stories.

Michael struggles to tell Starr that his father may be responsible for her loss, and Starr reacts angrily. She ends up checking out of the hospital and they both head to the courthouse. Blair and Carly head there as well, and at the end of the episode, everyone converges as Todd threatens Sonny, and a gun is fired.

Dante and Lulu are puzzled by Delores's behavior. Later, Johnny tries to get Delores on his side, hoping she'll get him info on Sonny -- but she turns him down.

Ewen visits an agitated Kate, and they discuss his dissociative personality disorder theory. Could she have shot out Anthony's tires during her blackout? Kate insists on her theory that it was Johnny. Later, Ewen sees Johnny arrive to Kate -- or is it Connie?

Steve confesses to Olivia that he murdered a scumbag patient back in Memphis so that his organs could save Maggie's deserving child patient. Olivia reels from this bombshell.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday March 13, 2012 *John McBain First day*
Mar 13, 2012

The gunshot that rang out at the end of yesterday's episode was fired by none other than John McBain ...more

. He gets everybody's attention and ultimately directs the local cops to place Todd under arrest. Starr isn't remotely ready to let Sonny off the hook for killing her family, however, and we also discover that there is a dark past between McBain and Sonny.

Despite Matt's concern and Ewen's counsel, Maxie remains guilt-ridden over Robin. Elizabeth shows up with some kind words that Robin told her over the years about Maxie, but Maxie flees in tears.

Johnny gets deeper into Kate/Connie's crazy, privy to both ladies in one sitting. Anthony tries to convince Johnny to take up Connie's sex offer. But when Johnny begins to get hot and heavy with Connie, Kate emerges and chases him away in a panic.

Olivia stumbles onto a way to make Johnny take the squeeze off Steve after overhearing Tracy and Anthony discuss the car accident.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday March 14, 2012
Mar 14, 2012

All of Robin's family and friends prepare to their goodbyes at her memorial service.

Jason is det ...more

ermined to see Robin after Spinelli slips up that something is wrong. Spinelli and Sam argue about Sam telling Jason that Robin has died – Spinelli thinks Jason deserves to know the truth, but Sam knows he'll try to attend the funeral and that could compromise his health (and she doesn't want to lose Jason). Later, Sam finds Jason putting his clothes on, ready to go see Robin.

Despite Mac and Lulu's best efforts, Maxie refuses to attend Robin's funeral, still driven by her guilt.

Edward briefly collapses, leading Monica to prevent him from going to Robin's funeral. Edward, Tracy and Monica mourn Robin in their own way.

Anna and Luke reunite, and he supports her as she prepares for the funeral.

Patrick is haunted by visions of Robin as he prepares for her funeral. Liz and Matt do their best to support him. Liz tells Matt it's nearly been one year since the death of her son, Jake, and she's naturally thinking about him.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday March 15, 2012 *Carly Get's to jason*
Mar 15, 2012

Robin's funeral begins, and Mac, Elizabeth and Sonny all pay tribute to her.

Determined to keep J ...more

ason in the dark about Robin and her funeral, Sam gets Alexis and Molly in on the ruse. Monica questions Sam whether that is a good idea, but Sam won't budge – she thinks learning the truth could compromise Jason's help. Carly has other ideas, and manages to sneak into Jason's room by disguising herself.

Spinelli attempts to convince Maxie to come to Robin's funeral, but Maxie – motivated by her guilt – refuses and won't listen to Spinelli. We see that Maxie is really not in good shape, emotionally speaking

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
friday march 16, 2012*Carly tells Jason about Robins Death*
Mar 16, 2012

Robin's funeral continues, with Anna and Patrick speaking, and Luke reading a letter from Robert. Ma ...more

xie interrupts and declares that she has something to say – and confesses that she killed Robin.

Epiphany warns Sam that Carly has snuck into the hospital to see Jason (Carly set it up so Epiphany would send Sam on a wild goose chase). While searching for Carly, Sam walks in on a naked Ewen. She opens up to him about her frustrations with Carly and Jason's relationship. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks into Jason's room and tells him that Robin has died.

Sonny remembers Robin to Kate. He asks Kate about the text she sent asking him to meet her at her office – only she wasn't there (remember, "Connie", Kate's alternate personality, sent it). Sonny questions Kate about who Ewen is – as he's found her business card. Kate covers.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday March 19. 2012 *jasam BIG fight
Mar 19, 2012

Jason is horrified when Carly tells him that Robin is dead, and that Sam kept it from him. Sam tries ...more

to explain to an angry Jason why she hid Robin's death from him – she was worried about his health because she knew he'd have a bad reaction to the news. Jason doesn't care and is furious with her.

In front of Robin's entire funeral, Maxie loses it and confesses to killing Robin, as it was her fault the gas leak that caused the explosion happened. Maxie also confesses to Lisa Niles' murder, in hopes that Mac will put her in jail.

Something Maxie says tweaks Anna's curiosity, and she confronts Patrick about Lisa Niles. She learns that Lisa and Patrick slept together, and the subsequent events that resulted from it. Anna is horrified and reams out Patrick.

Kate's alternate personality, Connie, emerges, and faces off with Sonny. Johnny questions whether Carly is with him because it angers Sonny.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday March 20, 2012 *Sam/john Jason/Liz Cross Paths Noah Drake Returns*
Mar 20, 2012

After Patrick is left devastated from Anna's harsh words about his affair, Noah (Rick Springfield re ...more

turns!) arrives to comfort his son.

As a grieving Jason and Elizabeth run into each other, Sam and John McBain meet in the church and share a moment. Doesn't she know him from somewhere?

Luke helps Anna come to terms with Patrick's affair and her own guilt as a mother. Later, Luke makes an important decision regarding Jake.

Michael is drawn closer to Starr and wonders to his dad about how a girl could possibly get over the loss of a child and that child's father.

Carly is at Johnny's penthouse when Connie comes calling, looking to scheme against Sonny and Kate. She almost outs herself to Carly, but Johnny helps keep her cover.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday March 21, 2012 *Jakes Renamed to Floating Rib*
Mar 21, 2012

Jason and Elizabeth share a close moment on the bridge. She helps him come to terms with Robin's dea ...more

th and Sam's decision not to tell him, and they honor the one year anniversary of Jake's death together.

Sam and John McBain discuss her relationship with Jason Morgan, and John gets to talk about his son.

Patrick and Noah share a moving moment between father and son, as Patrick sorts through his grief and regret. Meanwhile, Luke tells Anna about his part in Jake's tragic death, and they later pay Coleman to change the bar Jake's to a new name -- the Floating Rib. They toast to the memory of Robin.

Sonny tries to convince Michael he is innocent, as Michael is drawn closer to Starr who is hell-bent on revenge.

Carly taunts Sonny that Kate is keeping secrets. Later, Connie tries to make bigger inroads with Johnny, but he manages to push her away ... for now.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday March 22, 2012 *One Yr Today Jake Died*
Mar 22, 2012

Jason forgives Sam for the lie about Robin, but the couple's loving reunion is overshadowed by a puz ...more

zle from the past. What message did Franco leave for them to find?

Anna apologizes to Patrick for going off on him, but not without an angry confrontation with Noah first.

While Maxie maintains she deserves to be in prison for everything she's done, Mac, Dante, Spinelli, and Alexis all try to make her come to her senses.

Luke lets Lulu in on the lie that Ethan isn't really Robert's son, though he maintains that Anna can't know the truth. Later, Elizabeth pays a visit to Luke at the Floating Rib with words about Jake.

Johnny presses Anthony on his involvement in the car accident but is interrupted by Olivia. Later, Dante arrives at the penthouse, too, but Olivia helps Johnny cover. After Dante leaves, she tells Johnny she'll keep his secret if he keeps Steve's.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday March 23, 2012
Mar 23, 2012

John McBain puts the screws to Tracy, but she refuses to give up her husband's whereabouts. Meanwhil ...more

e, Dante warns Sonny about the detective. Sonny and Jason strategize over how to deal with McBain. Later, Sam and Jason welcome a visitor -- John McBain.

Finally, Anthony makes it easy for Dante, as at the end of the day, he shows up at PCPD.

Spinelli reveals a clue from the Franco DVD, and Sam sets out to uncover the mystery. Later, Spinelli begs Elizabeth to help him prove Maxie is innocent.

We learn that Luke has started a memorial fund for Jake, and Elizabeth thanks him. Later, as Anna and Luke share a warm embrace, Tracy arrives to witness.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday March 26, 2012 *Robin is alive*
Mar 26, 2012

Jason is not pleased to learn that Sam and John McBain have met before. But later, Jason and Sam mak ...more

e up romantically in bed.

Robin's ashes are delivered to the Drake home, and Emma asks difficult questions. Patrick calls in for reinforcements in Elizabeth. Later, Patrick scatters Robin's ashes at the site of their dream home, but little does he know that Robin lies alone, unconscious, in what looks like a hospital room somewhere!

Maxie gets a new holding cell mate: Anthony Zacchara.

Carly calls out Kate, who has suffered a blackout. In a panic, Kate arranges to meet with Dr. Ewen and later, he gets his first glimpse at Connie. Meanwhile, Sonny confronts Johnny and demands to know what he was doing with Kate. At the end of the episode, Johnny takes up Connie's offer for sex.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday March 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012

John McBain, Carly, and Sonny collide at Kate's office. Later, John gets a call from Llanview that S ...more

tarr has gone missing.

Anna and Elizabeth grow close sharing grief of losing children. Patrick scatters Robin's ashes at the site of their dream home. Later, Patrick breaks down as he recalls the memories of him and Robin first finding the house. Meanwhile, Robin wakes up inside the mysterious hospital room. She demands to leave to find her family, but she gets no satisfaction.

Under hypnosis, Connie talks candidly with Ewen that her goal is to end Kate's relationship with Sonny. Later, Ewen tells Kate all about it, as she freaks out over what Connie is up to. Carly goes to Johnny, and they kiss, but not before Johnny calls Kate/Connie.

Earlier, Delores takes Johnny up on his offer to be his mole in exchange for her sister's killer. Meanwhile, Dante, Lulu, and Ronnie theorize that Delores might be an abused wife, and that her husband could be the culprit beating up strippers

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday March 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012

Disconcerted by the strange influence John McBain has on Sam, Jason helps armor Sonny with informati ...more

on about the former FBI agent's weak spots. Meanwhile, Sam has another unsettling encounter with John.

Not long after Sonny warns Michael to stay away from Starr, Starr gives a worried John the slip at the airport and shows up at Michael's door asking for help.

While Alexis and Mac referee Matt and Spinelli's conflicting desires to help Maxie, Anthony manages to rattle a stunning confession from her.

Luke trumps Tracy's jealous antics by asking Anna to be his roommate. In retaliation, Tracy tries to broker a bail deal with Anthony, but he's way ahead of her

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday March 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012

Before Sonny can elaborate on his past with John McBain to Jason, Carly interrupts and she and Sonny ...more

get into an argument over who is being more reckless with Jason's health.

Despite Sonny's warning, Michael invites Starr into his apartment, and they bond over their family and grief. But John McBain arrives.

Maxie's confession that she killed the first officer as well as Lisa Niles is met with universal skepticism. But after the forger of the first officer's confession points the finger squarely at Maxie, a distraught Mac is reading Maxie her rights.

To Ewen's dismay, Kate pretends to be Connie in order to lure Johnny and uncover their plan. But Johnny bows out, leaving Kate with more questions.

Despite Olivia's efforts, Johnny still has leverage over Steve on a secret illegal deal.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday March 30, 2012
Mar 30, 2012

Sam discovers a page is missing from Jason's birth records -- and makes a surprising discovery that ...more

could be a key to the Franco mystery. Meanwhile, Carly is shocked to learn Jason has forgiven Sam. Jason also puts his foot down and tells Carly to halt her relationship with Johnny, but she goes right back to Johnny and says as long as Jason defies her about Sam, she'll defy him about Johnny.

Elizabeth and Ewen grow closer over Cassandra's death, and they make new date plans.

Kate remains determined to support Sonny at his trial even as she worries more and more that Connie may have been the one with the gun.

Dante works together with Ewen, Ronnie, and Lulu to profile Delores's husband and keep her in the dark of their suspicions. Meanwhile, Delores bargains with Johnny. Later, Dante admits to Lulu of his doubts that Sonny is guilty.

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