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Friday March 30, 2012

Sam discovers a page is missing from Jason's birth records -- and makes a surprising discovery that could be a key to the Franco mystery. Meanwhile, Carly is shocked to learn Jason has forgiven Sam. Jason also puts his foot down and tells Carly to halt her relationship with Johnny, but she goes right back to Johnny and says as long as Jason defies her about Sam, she'll defy him about Johnny.

Elizabeth and Ewen grow closer over Cassandra's death, and they make new date plans.

Kate remains determined to support Sonny at his trial even as she worries more and more that Connie may have been the one with the gun.

Dante works together with Ewen, Ronnie, and Lulu to profile Delores's husband and keep her in the dark of their suspicions. Meanwhile, Delores bargains with Johnny. Later, Dante admits to Lulu of his doubts that Sonny is guilty.

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